Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1 - Arrival to London

The flight to KL is at 7am and Fiza informed me that she will pick me up at 5.30am. This is so that we have ample time to check in and perform Subuh prayer at the airport. But, the night before, Nejad(my lil nephew of 10months) keep crying at the wee hours of the morning(because of the heat), so, i had trouble sleeping as well. I did not tell Mak that i wanted to leave at 5.30am, but, she must has sense it and gave me a wake up call at 5.35am. That's 5mins past Fiza's arrival!! So, could u imagine how shocked I was??! Call up Fiza and she said she is around Tesco which is around 10mins away from my house. I does not count how many drop of showers i have, but all in all, i managed to get ready when they arrive at my house at 5.43am. Drama right from the start!
We managed to get from Penang to LCCT on time, but our flight to London depart at 3.50pm. So, we head to KLIA as it is less crowded there.
Aida did some online checking on the hostels that we will stay later on.
We slept for a while at the Surau as both of us sleep late the night before = to settle as much work to the very last minute. Then we head to LCCT again by bus. Reach there at 2pm, managed to wrap the bag(RM9) and board at 3.10pm.
Laili all smile at the counter

With Air Asia X we fly!

Rent the in flight entertainment for RM30 (to save cost, Aida & I shared)

Arrival at 9.50pm (~13hrs flight)

Oh! Look who we met!
It's the local Artist - Amy Search(with his bands-not in the pic).

After collecting our luggage and taking the above picture, we head to the bus platform 1 level below.
It was cold! 0 C!!

The bus ride take us to Liverpool Street where we wait for a cab to our Hostel.
The cab is super cute! But i don't have the picture now.
Taxi = 22 Pound for 4

Check In

We opt for the lowest budget since we will only be staying for the night. Our train to Paris will be at 8.30am the next day. It's a 9 bed female room and we make some noise since we enter quite late while the others were sleeping. We also make noise in the morning as we woke up early to get ready. Sorry yaaa. :P
The sardine packed room

Hostel Review: Very packed but good lounge/kitchen.
Air AsiaX Review: Comfortable seats. Satisfied!
Terravision Bus: 9Pound
Taxi: 13.40Pound.
Food: NA
Next up - Paris


NoorHidayah said...

screen inflight entertainment tu besar mane agak2?
waaaa..jumpe amy search u..org msia ade di mane2...hihi..

Zue said...

erm..besar sikit dari sebuah buku. :P tapi ok la...flight lelame..kalo nak stay awake, layans laa...