Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 7 - Fascinating history of Munich

The overnight train arrived in Munich ~6.30am. Review on the train-> not recommended. Haha. Ours was a 6 couchette and due to the train was almost full when we book, we were separated in 2 groups. Aida and I share the room with 2 Kazakhstan lady and 2 guy, while Judy & Laili shared the room with 3 other guys. Luckily we got the highest bed or else I am not sure if I able to go to sleep. The ticket officer keeps everybody’s passport and passes it back once we reach the destination. It worries us that he might loose our passport, but since everybody pass their passport, so we did as well. He also warn us to lock the door as they are cases of lost luggages due to “thief” will walk in unlock couchette while you were sleeping. Scary or not?

Breakfast time at Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Laili with the bags

We pick up a few pamphlets from the hostel and found one interesting FREE TOUR package. So, since it is too early for check in, we leave our bags in the luggage room, and head back to the train station to meet with the free tour group. There are 2 package to choose and we opt for the City Walk which take about ~3hrs by FOOT.
It's already 1.4km walk from the meeting point to Marien Platz

Group Photo
The family on the most left are taking their kids on a crazy adventure, touring Europe by car.

Mark, our tour guide is one funny guy. He also has the history of Munich at the back of his palm.
Here's one on how Munich evolve to what it is today:-
The Isar River was a major trade route for salt coming from Salzburg on its way to Augsburg. A bridge on the river was used by a local bishop as a toll booth for boats. In 1156 the ruler of Bavaria (Duke Henry the Lion) decided that he should collect this toll, so he burned down the bishop's bridge(in Freising) and built his own a little upstream. His bridge, built near a small community of Benedictine Monks, was referred to as zu den München or "the site of the little monks." The name München stuck and today a little monk remains a symbol of Munich. On June 14th 1158, the Emperor officially granted the settlement of Munich the right to hold a market, thus making it a true city. (credit)

A video at Marien Platz

That's Mark on the background

More History:-
After World War I Munich became a very conservative city and a breeding ground for extreme political movements. From this environment came Adolf Hitler. Many of his ideas were written in Mein Kampf (My Struggle), which he used for his many speeches held in beer halls around Munich. Because of Adolf's history in Munich, the city was badly bombed during the war. Fifty percent of all buildings were completely destroyed, 250,000 residents died and only 200 of the city's 10,000 Jews survived the horror of the war.
Continue History time:-
On the evening of November 8, 1923, Adolf Hitler announced the start of "the people's revolution" in the Bürgerbräukeller, a Munich beer hall. Hitler and his supporters then marched through the streets of Munich in an attempt to seize power. This unsuccessful revolution became known as Hitler's Beer-hall Putsch. The Bürgerbräukeller was torn down years ago, but tourists can still see where the Nazis put a plaque on the Feldherrenhalle to honor the men who were killed there by the police. During the Nazi era, Munich residents were required to do a Nazi salute as they passed the plaque, which has since been removed. Those who did not want to give a salute to the fallen heroes would use Viscardigasse, a back alley which was nicknamed "Evaders' Alley." (credit)
The Nazi plaque

We finished the free tour around ~2pm, we walked back to the hostel, check in and wait for Sebastian. Sebastian is Laili's friend form TI. He is going to be our tour guide in Munich. Yeay!
Sebastian came around 4.30pm and we walk again to the city center. Here's a video of how the streets looks like. It's a nice walk. ;)

Our aim was to have a good dinner at Hofbrauhaus(HB), but Sebastian has another plan to make us really hungry before the dinner, that is to climb the 302 stairs at Sankt Peter. Huhu.

We all survived till the end and here is the video of our victory.
(Pat on back)
Note: Please ignore the panting and coughing. (-_-)

After that, we straight away head to HB.

Vegetarian on the Menu, Yeay!

Menu 2

Mine/Laili's, Mushroom Pot - YUMMY!


Judy's Chicken

Aida's Cheese Egg Noodle

Sebastian's - Bread with series of mixed cheese


Sebastian ordering pretzel

Background live music! Super awesome!

The real Bavarians having their drink

Once done with dinner, we walk to the opposite Hard Rock Store
And gosh! It was snowing! The first snow ever in my life!
We were very excited and all we do is taking photos while other people took a shelter inside.
Jakun in action. :P

More Jakun action.

Afer that we walk through the streets and have another hot chocolate at a Bar. Here, bars are a popular hang out place, especially every Friday night. It is quite cozy with nice music being played, and people can dance to it. Sorry we do not take any photo. :P Sebastian invited his friend, Adrian to hang out and we managed to share and change stories on the lifestyle of Malaysian's vs Münchner :P

Then, the guys walk us back to the hostel.
To Adrian/Sebastian, Thanks a lot for the great night and for sponsoring the drinks/hot chocolates. ;) Sebastian, if you ever read this, can you please send me the photos? :P

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Nice spacious room, common toilet and it's quite noisy due to it's a youth hostel and they have bar that opens at night.
Transportation: NA
Food: ~7-10 EUR


Yasz said...

Zue, my family was once like them too - "The family on the most left are taking their kids on a crazy adventure, touring Europe by car." My dad drove all the way from Hamburg, Deutschland to Paris, then return trip we went Versailles for the palace, past Belgium, overnite at Amsterdam for the tulips then back to Hamburg. Years back, we made a road trip from East London to Scotland. Syok wor! Road trip fully loaded with 'rice cooker' =p, although we left the cooker at home while traveling from Germany-France. Driving took half of the day or close to a day. But it sure was fun cramming to one another n getting on each others nerves as well! =)

Zue said...

omin...ya kaa.... best kan? i also feel like doing that..taking my future kids out on an adventure. haha...
the mom from that family is crazy. she knows almost everything on the history/great places in Europe. Once she know we are from Malaysia, she said she wanted to come here too..haha...