Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 8 Part 1 - Get to know the Royal Family in Munich

Munich is the 1st country that we spent an extra day. So, it is really good that in the middle of the trip, we get to laze around a bit and take our time to move around. So, we had quite a leisure breakfast, provided by the hostel. I also took my water bottle down to fill it up. Laili want to do the same thing, so I point to her the direction of the water container and I proceed with my breakfast.
Suddenly, I hear a chaos at the far, followed by a lot of laughing. It sounded like Laili and Aida. Curios, I went to them. What I saw is really unexpected.
There stood Laili and Aida, being lectured by the hostel’s room service girl. Apparently, Laili has mistaken the Beer Container which was right behind the Water Container. She was pressing the tap to get the Beer into her bottle! The staff, who introduced herself as Ashkum, happened to be a Muslim, saw her act and quickly gets back to her “No No! Muslim No Beer!” HAHAHAHaaaaaaa… Funniness plus cuteness!
Laili....u tried, but sorry, you fail! :P
No Beer for you, Not even in Munich.
Us with Ashkum
Next, we walk to Marien Platz to meet up with Sebastian. From there we walk to Munich Residenz.
The Munich Residenz (German for "residence") is the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs in the center of the city of Munich, Germany. The palace was severely damaged by bombing during World War II, but most of the rooms were reconstructed by the 1980s. Some of the buildings, however, had been remade in a simplified manner.
From Afar
We're Coming
Entrance fee is EUR 9. Here is the birds eye view of the buidling.

Can i let the picture do the talking now? :P


Nice ceiling right? This section is called the Antiquarium.

The upper level is segregated into different types of room. Each room is decorated suited to its usage, Example, Guest Room, Judgment Room, Electors Room. It is also color coded and filled with religious paintings and potraits of the Royal Family.

Chandelier Up Close and Personal

There is also one section which housed the relics that has been collected by the Royal Family.
This is actually a casket of a new born baby



We leave the scary but intriguing relics and head to the mirror room.

The Baroque Ancestral Gallery

Someone who slayed Medusa

If i remember correctly, it took us around 3hrs to finish the tour. The audio guide is really helpful and if you listen to all of it, it might take you more than 1 day! But, we need to move as we have an important visit to make. Along the way, we saw the Bavarian Motor Car sign and decided to take a peek.

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