Saturday, September 28, 2013

hello world part 3

As  a normal person would do, i've been reading countless of blog regarding labor experience. Upon knowing that i need to go for induce, i googled up all the info i can get. From all the story, i derived that at 4cm opening, we will be sent to labor room. But for me, when i was checked at around 8.30pm, and it was 5cm open, i was told to continue monitor the progress and call nurse if the pain become unbearable and if i ever feel the urge to  past motion. Well the last time i felt the urge to go toilet was few hrs ago but i was so afraidto go toilet that i asked the nurse to give me the butt med again...but she don't want to! :-( fortunately... i did managed to poop.

I started to feel greater pain after that and i called Q to my side to hold my hand.  he sat on the floor beside the bed. I later learned that he actually wanted to go for a smoke but can't bear to ask me to let go his hand. And he end up not smoking until the next morning. Theeheehee. Good way to start being a dad! :-p

At around 11.30, the nurse come again to break the water bag. I was 7cm by then. She said... if u ever feel the urge to past motion,then call us. I was thinking to myself "isn't that wayyyy too last minute? Isn't i supposed to be wheeled to labor room at 4cm. I am getting confuse which one is contraction... if i go to labor room, at least i know through the graphs...." so, i turn to my right.... and told Q.... i think i want to berak nowwwww. Well..the pain did increases.. It was not a lie. At least not 100%. I dont care, just get me to the labor room!

I got wheeled to the labor room and the nurse did another round of vaginal inspection. "Sama jeee cam tadi 7cm" oooopsss.. hehe. I was a little calm now that we are in the labor room but guess what... nothing strapped to me and so no graphs!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

hello world part 2

Monday, 16 Sep
D day has arrived! In one way induce seems not a bad option as i can really get everything prepared. We woke up early, had breakfast at Taman sardon, bihun sup and half boil egg and off to Pearl Maternity. It was a quiet morning, since its a public holiday which i like as it make me feel calm. The nurse showed me a room and asked me to change...everything off, only the hospital gown please. I was fast need to strip already. But i knew this will come, so i obeyed.

Next, need to lie down on a bed where baby heartbeat and contraction were monitored. Baby heartbeat were doing good from 130 to 160...while surprisngly...there's a very small mild contraction. Nurse then chcked and the first good news of the day when she said "oh.. baby is already halfway engage." Yeayyy... i`ve been asking that question everytime i visited Klinik Kesihatan .:-) Finally, all the walking paid off.  Then the butt med was given. I wish we can buy such meds. Its s so good that within minutes u'll get the urge to let everything out. Finally, the 1st pill is then inserted  at 10am and i was asked to lie down for 1hr. Any movement might cause it to move and impact the process. It was done by a very kind and expert nurse. I asked her when do she expect me to give birth and she expected it will be dawn the next day. Up to this part, i felt positive.  No pain felt during vaginal inspection too. So i was telling Q that our decision to go for induce is not that bad afterall. As i was relaxing, guess what, suddenly i need to pee. Uhuh. Cant do anything about it tho but just tahan. 1 hr later, another nurse came to ask me come back to the room and monitor again the heartbeat if baby got distressed by the meds. And the 1st thing i do is run the toilet. Q came after me and said "wow....thats a lot of pee". Hehehehe. The result of baby heartbeat came out good and Dr Rahayu stepped in. Apparently, Dr Rosita was off and Dr Rahayu was on call that day. I am fine with that as i met her once and she is very soft spoken. She said no contraction observed, so she will come at 4pm later to insert 2nd pill.

The pain then slowly come at around 12. Its a constant pain down there due to the pill is working to soften the cervix membrane. As i was told, contraction is supposed to be in a timely interval, so i did not regard that as contraction. I am still able to take lunch, walk around the room and whats app-ing with my gals. At 4pm Dr Rahayu came to do vaginal inspection. Another good news came as she say " Ohhh..there`s already opening for 3cm. Tak payah masuk ubat dah...i am going to make it 4cm and its going to be pain a bit ya. "  i hv to admit its a little painful and as she draw out her hand... its full of blood. I squeaked, shocked! "Ehh ... jangan takutttt... this is good. Dah keluar tanda" . She went out, explain it all to Q and mentioned that she will come again at 8pm. Q came in....smiling... Both of us are happy that it worked better than expected. :-)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

hello world part1

Friday,13 Sep
Final checkup with Dr.Rosita at Pearl Maternity. Today we will decide the date for induce. Dr Rosita actually estimated 12Sep as the expected delivery date but Klinik Kesihatan gave us until 18Sep. So while waiting, i discussed with Q that we will set 20Sep as induce date. Our turn then came and as Dr Rosita scan she said..." is 3.7kg. Dont wait anymore...u come in tmrw for induce"
I was like...WHAT?! TMRW? NO CANT DO. Ok doc...u give me another 2 days...i think i can feel the sign lately...i`ve been having stomach pain lately...i think its soooon.
So, the date is set as16Sep!

Q then asked... why arent me ready yet...mental or physical? Of course.... MENtal! I am a planner... i plan... i dont suddenly decide tmrw i will go to labor. Huhuhuhu

I am not afraid of the induce process...but i worry how my body will react to it..if induce is not successfull...then u hv no way back. The only way out is czer, which i dont want to go thru after u tried halfway. If its mite as well czer from the start. I dont want to experience both pain.   :(

So...we went back..and that evening made a detour to Penang Bird Park with little Nejad in tow....secretly hoping the walk will be able to trigger the labor.

Saturday,14 Sep
Went for a walk in Queensbay to satisfy last minute craving at Old Town.

Sunday,15 Sep
Had a good brunch at Argyll Road followed by a walk around Youth Park. It was nice....wish i did that earlier...

But sad to say...all the walking did not bring any sign of labor. However, mentally.... i am already prepared for the battle. 16 i come!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The waiting game....

I am approximately at 39 weeks of pregnancy now. The next adventure of life is about to begin soon. The due date is somewhere between 18 to 20 of September but the gynae has been saying that I might deliver early which is 12 Sep, today. However, i don't think that will be happening as there is no sign from the baby to see the world just yet. Baby is so enjoying Umi tummy.

To recap on the pregnancy story, well, it was a planned one. We've been married for almost 8 months and people has been asking, of course. The normal questions that married people stress themselves with such as are we able to get pregnant plagued our minds. To cut the story short, in the end we are successful. Yeay. Alhamdulillah.

Pregnancy start with a little emotional roller coster. Somehow, stupid things make me cry. Poor Q seems to be confuse with the situation. Then, it was the lack of appetite. On some days, i can just survive with a big fat Karipap through out the day which i munch little by little. Once the appetite and the emotion is getting better, Q is ready to go for his next sail. But as Allah has planned, "The Accident" happened. A Mercedez from an opposite direction lost control and hit us point blank. It's a really traumatic moment that i carry with me until today. Driving especially at night is never the same anymore. At four monhts pregnant, i broke my left clavicle. So, i was thinking, if bone fracture is this much of pain, i really can't imagine labor pain which was described as having 9 or more bones crushed? (T_T)

After 1 month of medical leave, pregnancy resume smoothly. Appetite was good, Q went away for work and I catch up on work as much as i can before maternity starts. At around 5, 6 months pregnancy i think, the sleep start to get affected. Ever toss and turn followed by what felt like a muscle pain at the lower abdominal. And now at 9 months, it's at it peak where sometimes i can't even turn and need help on that. It might be due to my lack of exercise, which i intend to do now that I've started my maternity leave.... better late than never. :P

Pregnancy is really magical. I tried to gain weight for the past 29 years to no avail, but with 1 pregnancy I've gained total 16kgs to date. I never knew i could contribute so much to a baby weight that baby is 3.2kg now.. So doctor was warning me that if it ever cross the 3.5kg .. then we will set a date for induce incase normal labor pain/trigger did not happen. I am kind of OK with that since i know a few people who induced, and the reason given by doctor is logical. We do not want the baby to outgrew it's exit passage and the risk of baby eating their own poo once they are overdue.

Well, everybody have their own thoughts and opinion.  I believe every one has their own share of story, but whenever we make a decision, we just stick to it. Of course, I would prefer to have it "normal" way and know whether I am a "blood show" or "water break" kind of person. But I trust that doctors knows best too. The rest, we leave it to Allah.

Till then. Hope to see you baby, soon.