Saturday, September 28, 2013

hello world part 3

As  a normal person would do, i've been reading countless of blog regarding labor experience. Upon knowing that i need to go for induce, i googled up all the info i can get. From all the story, i derived that at 4cm opening, we will be sent to labor room. But for me, when i was checked at around 8.30pm, and it was 5cm open, i was told to continue monitor the progress and call nurse if the pain become unbearable and if i ever feel the urge to  past motion. Well the last time i felt the urge to go toilet was few hrs ago but i was so afraidto go toilet that i asked the nurse to give me the butt med again...but she don't want to! :-( fortunately... i did managed to poop.

I started to feel greater pain after that and i called Q to my side to hold my hand.  he sat on the floor beside the bed. I later learned that he actually wanted to go for a smoke but can't bear to ask me to let go his hand. And he end up not smoking until the next morning. Theeheehee. Good way to start being a dad! :-p

At around 11.30, the nurse come again to break the water bag. I was 7cm by then. She said... if u ever feel the urge to past motion,then call us. I was thinking to myself "isn't that wayyyy too last minute? Isn't i supposed to be wheeled to labor room at 4cm. I am getting confuse which one is contraction... if i go to labor room, at least i know through the graphs...." so, i turn to my right.... and told Q.... i think i want to berak nowwwww. Well..the pain did increases.. It was not a lie. At least not 100%. I dont care, just get me to the labor room!

I got wheeled to the labor room and the nurse did another round of vaginal inspection. "Sama jeee cam tadi 7cm" oooopsss.. hehe. I was a little calm now that we are in the labor room but guess what... nothing strapped to me and so no graphs!!

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