Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cewek atau Cowok

After filling our stomach with the delicious Es Kolak Durian and Es Pulut Durian, we followed Dindi to her In-Law’s house for a stop over. Dindi’s sister in law, Winda who were at home with her kids greeted us. Upon learning that her name is Winda, I got excited. Back home, my mom like to watch this Sinetron called Benci Bilang Cinta. The main roles are called Dimas and Winda. Guess what, Dindi’s brother is also named Dimas! Hihihi. What a cute coincidence!

Anyway…. While we were there, the real life Winda suggested that we try Sate Padang. I thought that she is suggesting us to made a stop at the stall on our way back, but, she got a better idea and bought it for us instead!! Thank you Winda!

Sedap Kali!!!Garing!

Jemput makan!

Oh... we also watched this programme called Cewek atau Cowok? It's a game show where a few chosen girls and guys, got dressed up as girls and the contestant need to guess who is the real girl and who is an imposter. :P

Finally, we head back to Dindi's house but not before making a last stop at a mall.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kepudur Kepingin

As shared in the first post ... , the bait that lure us to Medan is KEPUDUR a.k.a KEdai PUlut DUrian.. Anything about Durian made Azleena an easy target, while for me, anything involve travelling, especially if we will have a host to guide is around, is a thing not to be missed! :P
But lo and behold......................................................... the morning that we arrived, as we were doing the ice-breaking after being picked by Dindi, she break us the news. KEPUDUR is closed temporarily! Boooo hooo hooo. Dindi can't find someone who can maintain the store permanently yet, so, she had to close it for a while. Oh No! How now?
Of course we throw a tantrum and demand Dindi to take us to KEPUDUR by hook or by crook! ;P

Hihi. Dindi, being the best host, does not want to dissapoint us. So, she brought us to another place somewhere around USU (Universitas Sumatera Utara).

someone is clearly happy

The owner

The photographer

The .....erm...victim?

Ohhhhh la laaa...




Happiness multiply 100


So, KEPUDUR, will you wait for our return again? ;P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pasar Petisah Pasar Ikan

As the the trip is quite short, we waste no time and head to Pasar Petisah right after our brunch. That would be just a few hours after landing in Medan. Bravo girls!

As we shop, I found that the blouse in Medan is relatively more expensive than Tanah Abang, Jakarta. According to Dindi, it's because the shops here get the supply from Jakarta too. It's lucky that Dindi accompanied us, as she can really bargain well. ;) We bought a few blouses which range from IDR 60,000 to IDR 150,000.
Dindi & Azleena

Green Girls

Marlina feeling contented being in the shopping heaven ;P

Photographer, part time model and shopaholic in action

A few hours later, we got thirsty and.....look! Teh Botol! :D

The last shop.

For prayers, we made a stop at Masjid Raya. According to Wikipedia, Masjid Raya a.k.a the Great Mosque of Medan was built in 1906 in the Moroccan style by the Dutch architect Dingemans. It was such a big and spacious mosque.

We wanted to buy telekung(the women's prayer outfit), but those at Petisa were mostly priced around IDR300,000(RM108). Thus, Dindi suggested that we change the location to Pasar Ikan, which on the other hand, have telekung as low as IDR40, 000 to IDR120, 000. (IDR 50 = RM18).

So, that's the end of the shopping frenzy, and after this, we are more ready for the real deal of Medan. Yosh!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soto Sinar Pagi

Despite Air Asia giving us last minute surprise AGAIN, we arrived safely at Polonia International Airport and Dindi was already outside waiting to pick us up. Yeay! The surprise was Air Asia is having some system upgrade and require us to check in 3hrs earlier! Azleena were at the airport already by 7.15am and the counter only open at 8 freaking AM. ;( However, we decided not to let this spoil our mood and head to McD for breakfast and a small celebration for Azleena's Birthday. ;)
At the airport, just like in Jakarta, there were many guys waiting outside to help carry your bag. Tips: If you have not much baggage, it is not worth to pay for assistance, so be strict on carrying your own bags OK. ;) Once we were safely tucked in the car, Dindi ask us if we would like to go shopping or have our lunch first. Oh well....that’s not a hard question at all. The next photo explain our decision. ;P
From Left: M, Dindi and Azleena
Our Menu: Soto Ayam and none other than Teh Botol
Sinar Pagi is situated at Jalan Sungai Deli. 4 of us had the Soto Ayam set with Teh Botol and it cost around IDR 83,000 which equal to ~RM29.41. That would be ~RM 7.35 per person. :) It is one of the famous Soto restaurant in Medan and i could personally relate it to Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar in Kulim, simple and original. According to Dindi, this place will always be fullhouse especially during breakfast hour.
Finally, we are now fully energized to start our hunt in Pasar Petisah and Pasar Ikan! Yuk!

Thursday, July 8, 2010 it started......

Pada tanggal May...dengan adanya teknologi terkini...terjadinya sebuah conversation

maka, Zu & M telah menginvite diri mereka sendiri utk menemani Az utk reunionnya bersama Dindie.. dan tanpa membazirkan masa....tiket pon dibooking:-

nantikan episod seterusnya.. ;)