Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cewek atau Cowok

After filling our stomach with the delicious Es Kolak Durian and Es Pulut Durian, we followed Dindi to her In-Law’s house for a stop over. Dindi’s sister in law, Winda who were at home with her kids greeted us. Upon learning that her name is Winda, I got excited. Back home, my mom like to watch this Sinetron called Benci Bilang Cinta. The main roles are called Dimas and Winda. Guess what, Dindi’s brother is also named Dimas! Hihihi. What a cute coincidence!

Anyway…. While we were there, the real life Winda suggested that we try Sate Padang. I thought that she is suggesting us to made a stop at the stall on our way back, but, she got a better idea and bought it for us instead!! Thank you Winda!

Sedap Kali!!!Garing!

Jemput makan!

Oh... we also watched this programme called Cewek atau Cowok? It's a game show where a few chosen girls and guys, got dressed up as girls and the contestant need to guess who is the real girl and who is an imposter. :P

Finally, we head back to Dindi's house but not before making a last stop at a mall.

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