Thursday, April 25, 2013

wow...what a long hiatus. ~6months of non writing.

it's not then i do not want to write anymore. but i just refrain myself from being online at home using laptop. or was i too lazy to boot the laptop up when i can just browse thru the smartphone. now and then i have stories cook up in my head, but never find the time or having the urge to type it out. but i do miss writing so much.

so what's up with the travel? none after marriage?
of course NO. hehe.
just that most of it is short distance, weekend escaped. or shall i call it vacation instead of travel?
among the places we've gone were Cameron Highland, Labuan, Padang Besar, Melaka, Port Dickson, Teluk Intan, Cameron again and KL. Haha. Oh..i also did the ATV at Kemensah with the girls while Q is away. Now that i'm pregnant and Q is also away for work, travel or vacation might be taking a break. Although i did requested we go to Jakarta if times permit. I desperately need shopping. It does not make sense for me to buy a RM80-100 blouse here when i can get it for RM20 at Jakarta. Can i use the reason that i am craving for Jus Apolkat and Natrabu...hmmm

and also another thing that i wished to write is about the accident we had. Fractured my shoulder bone and got on medical leave for 1 month. what an experience.

well, i guess that's all for now. :)
hope for more updates in future.