Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 5 Ehwa Uni & Bye Bye

On the last day in Korea, we went to Ehwa Women University area. Oh my... any girls would love to study there. You know why..... the streets is full of stores and boutiques!!

Whenever you feel stress with exam, or assignments.... just wander out from the university into a shopping heaven.... teee heeeee

we passed by this stores that sell fruit juice. looking from the way people swarmed the stall, we gave it a try. :D

After that, we made a stop at Namdaemun again. The first time we went there, Jewel Park was closed. Well, one does not comes to Korea and not buy any jewelleries rite. :P

And finally, it's time to leave.........

Bye Bye Korea. It's been great! :)

Day 5 Coffee Price Cafe

iTs ouR lasT daY....huhuhuhu... (T_T). and our mission for the day is to visit my ex-bf cafe. hihihi.... we do not need to take the metro but just go in from one exit and get out from another exit.

Before that, we head to Arista Coffee just at the corner from the hostel for breakfast.

Laili's sandwich is certainly the better choice from our waffle. We had quite a relaxing breakfast with a lot of camwhoring in the cafe. It's only a small cafe. Probably can fit less than 10 pax.. notice that most is takeaways or delivery. A very nice operating system. Kind of inspire me to have such a similar cafe in Penang. Hehe.

We then went back to the hostel and bumped the Malaysia and Japanese(?) girls. They wanted to go to the coffee prince cafe as well.

i'll google the directions and put it here yah...i've forgotten. hihi.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 4 - Dinner @ Itaewon

Where to get Halal food in Korea? ITAEWONNNNN..... ;P But sorry lah...most is not Korean food. Hehe.

Spoilt with choices, in the end we choose this one, TAJ PALACE.


sedap giler lah i tell u

or is it because we have not been on good food for a few days?!

the proof that it is sedap giler. :D

last but not least...someone need to get her caramel machiato....

Day 4 - Dongdaemun Silk Hunting

After Namdaemun, we had a little extra time and the gals decided to help me go back to Dongdaemun to find silk, as it was one of my mom's order list.

The department for silks is this one right across the river, which we missed the 1st time we came.
An easier way to locate it is to take the subway line 4 to station Dongdaemun, take exit 9.
wallah....u will be here - - - >

Unfortunately, it is closed on Saturday.... ;( So, remember remember to plan ur trip well yeah!

There were a few shops open tho. So, we went in, but the cloth is not in the same measurement as in M'sia. The width is like half of the usual cloth we used for making baju kurung. So, i did not grab any. Sorry Mak. ;( Weird thing is, the other day, i went to Chowrasta in Penang, and one of the shop there sold the cloth which is from Korea. And it is 4 meters just right. I asked the lady where did she get the stock and she said it is from some factory.. hmmm...