Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 4 - Namdaemun Market

For this trip...Nasreen did most of the research. And what she did was to find a halal place wherever we go. Which is just brilliant! It is super detail like this one at Namdaemun which once u reach Hoehyeon Station, take Exit 6...u just need to walk straight. You will pass the shop..stop for a break..and then just go straight till you reach Namdaemun Gate.

After a while an Indonesian couple reach the place and we have a nice chit chat. Of course, they stopped for the kebab as well and were very happy to finally able to eat meat! :P

Alas, we have the energy to roam the market! Yeh!

One thing about shopping in Korea is it is very expensive! They also won't entertain bargains. Some of them are quite "garang" too. But this guy over here is very different. He try his best to speak english to us and it sound so funny. "Woman! Listen! This...very nice!" In the end, i think we all bought from him. Hehe.

Do look out for item on sales which will be place in the center like this. Sometimes it is a 2nd hand item but still on a good condition. Laili and I both grab a jacket!

There is one place call "Jewel Park" situated nearby Exit 1. An ideal place to look for brooches, bangles, necklaces....and all alike. I forget which day, but i think it close on Saturday. So, do check if it is open or not because it is really a must visit place if you go Namdaemun.

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