Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 5 Ehwa Uni & Bye Bye

On the last day in Korea, we went to Ehwa Women University area. Oh my... any girls would love to study there. You know why..... the streets is full of stores and boutiques!!

Whenever you feel stress with exam, or assignments.... just wander out from the university into a shopping heaven.... teee heeeee

we passed by this stores that sell fruit juice. looking from the way people swarmed the stall, we gave it a try. :D

After that, we made a stop at Namdaemun again. The first time we went there, Jewel Park was closed. Well, one does not comes to Korea and not buy any jewelleries rite. :P

And finally, it's time to leave.........

Bye Bye Korea. It's been great! :)

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