Sunday, May 23, 2010

The BIG Day (3)

"This is it! It’s do or die! No turning back!" the thoughts that crossed my mind that morning. :P

I am not sure about others, but I sure sleep well. Especially since it rained that night but the thick blanket able to keep me warm. I managed to wake up around 5am and get ready. By 6am, Kak Ilah and I went downstairs to see Boss. Apparently, Boss had chosen to sleep in the car rather than sneak in into the boy’s room. Knowing that Boss has arrived late the night before, we gathered everybody at the compound first, then only proceed to wake him up.


This lodging was not included in our package. Boss managed to get it for us at a student rate which is RM15 per person per night. So, we gathered and listened to the the last leg of briefing and some motivational words from Boss.

"you guys can do it! I've guided a 60++years old man and even a 3years old boy"
"OK..after this...u guys walk around a bit for some warm up... i'll take ur bags in my car and wait up at the registration place"

(Translated :P )

Apparently we do not really listen to what Boss was saying. I am not sure what goes in everybody mind, but we did not double confirm with him the exact location to meet him up again. Although some of us was quite sure it is the Kinabalu Park, but the head of the pack(name kept secret), went straight up. 500m....1km...1.5km... and we are still not there yet! We started to question whether we are on the right track. I wanted to call Boss, but my handphone is in the bag. My bag is with Boss in his car! Finally, the head of the pack managed to clarify with some locals and we made a turn back to Kinabalu Park. Thanks to everybody for being so sporting and able to laugh about it. So, this might really be our "warm up" which help us to complete our mission. ;)

Yeay! Here it is!

We are coming for you!

Breakfast given
Photo Session


Get another briefing from the guide.
"U ols don't play2 ok...This is serious!"

1st stop - Pondok Kandis

Among the tips being given to us is not to take a lot of rest in between the stations. The longer you stop, the more you waste time and energy. So, we obliged and the first bunch of us(Fazilah, Azleena, Omin, Marlina, Azril and me) just stop for a breather and continued on.

At the early part of the climb, we keep stopping now and then to take photos. At first, it was a fun thing to do.

Then, I started to feel grateful every time the girls stop for photos. This means, I will not be left behind as I can take that time to catch up.

However, after the 5th station, Layang Layang, the trail gets really uphill and tougher. Thus, everytime the rest stop for photos, I will just stay behind to take a rest and even if they call me up for a group photo, my tagline is “Taking photo is not my priority now”. Yes. Drama Queen add Bimbo equals to me. :P

As you approach Villosa, you can see that the forest and environment is completely different. This time, instead of stopping to recover our strength, we also stopped to enjoy the view. Especially once we reach this stage, where we are clearly above the cloud.

Well, actually, at the end of the hike towards Laban Rata, I was pretty much by myself. I really cannot keep up with the rest of the girls. Thus, i keep stopping at each few steps to look around and savor the moments instead. At one point, a guide with 2 of his foreign hikers passed by me. The guide then looks at me and said “It’s really nearby. Just a few minutes. Keep walking” . Not just that, everytime he saw me stopping, he will stop also and wave at me to come forward. Thanks to him who gets very persistent in ensuring I reached Laban Rata, I really did reached it around 1pm!!!!

As it is still early for Dinner which start at 5pm, we laze around at the balcony for some sunbathing moment. :P We also used this time to update our family that we have safely arrived.

From our place, we could see one by one of our group members starting to emerge. Bullert, Abg Azrul and Lily came up and took quite some time for photoshoot session before heading up to Laban Rata.
Then, as most of us arrived, we went inside and fill ourselves with the food we bring such as chocolates and cookies. Hot and plain water are also provided.

Once everybody reached Laban Rata, we went ahead for check in and continued on to our dorm, Gunting Lagadan.

Came back down at 5pm for dinner!!!!

The beauty about climbing Mt Kinabalu is, you do not have to worry on food and accomodations. Just ensure you reach Laban Rata on time. ;)
Next up --> To the top - the famous Lows Peak!
Note:- All photos are credited to Azleena Kassim and Marlina Abd Aziz. I did not take my own photos due to:-
1. I don't own a camera
2. I am too nervous to take photos with my handphone camera
:P I am such a lame blogger like this. Will take note to snap my own photo next time. Thanks a lot girls!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 2 - Discovering KK, Tamparuli & The Grand Surprise

It’s Wednesday morning in KK! We woke up feeling hungry and Boss took us for brunch at Sinario Café.

Lepak at Boss's house

I am giving 2 thumbs up for this café for its delicious and unique food.

We had Nasi Goreng Lalap, Nasi Goreng Ayam Cheese, Nasi Goreng Butter Prawn and Kuetiow Tomyam. As for drink, it is Jus Apolkat, Teh Tarik and Limau Ais.

Next, we head to Bukit Bendera! Yup…. Bukit Bendera does not only exist in Penang! In Penang, Bukit Bendera is translated to Penang Hill, but in Sabah, it is called Signal Hill. Both is not a direct translation from Bahasa Malaysia to English!! HAha. Funniness!!

What can be found here? Simply...................... breathtaking and nice views on Kota Kinabalu.

Look at the sea.... ;)

Nice place for photoshoot too.

Next, we head to Menara Tun Mustapha.
Info :- Located 5 kilometres or about 15 minutes away from the KK City Centre. Formerly known as the Sabah Foundation Building, this circular tower of steel and glass stands 30 storeys high in the Likas Bay area and is instantly recognizable as a Sabah icon. It has a central core with steel brackets supporting each floor. When completed in 1977, it was one of the three such buildings in the world based on this design concept. (Credit)

According to Bos, we can actually head to 18th floor where we can get to see a nicer view. But, there was an event going on that day, so what we did was just jumping around as can be seen below. :P

As a tourist, one of the must go place is none other than Jambatan Tamparuli. Well, one of the reason it got famous is because there is a song inspired from this type of bridge in Tamparuli. The real Jambatan Tamparuli has been reconstructed, thus, we made a stop at Kampung Damat instead.


Fear Factor?

As we get ready to leave the place, Kak Ilah and I received sms from our A.Azrul & Omin. The 2nd group from KL are about to embark their plane to KK. But what does their sms says?
Our flight got delayed” . (-_-‘)
It was ~1.15pm. They are supposed to depart at 12.50pm bha. :( So, instead of going to the airport, we head back to Bos's home for a short nap. :P
At around 2pm, received another sms from Omin "We are back 2d departure hall. Wait for further updates on the flight change" Uhuk. :( Air Asia! Why oh why? We are suppose to make the move to Kundasang at 4.30pm. How now? :( Being pessimistic, of course i started to think of 1001 possibilites. What if they can't make it?
But then, at 2.49pm... received another sms "Br masuk plane. Hopefully kul 3 nanti gerak" OK. Good update. Around 3pm, Omin send the last sms saying that they are ready to take off... and if everything goes well, they will reach around 5.30pm. Hoyeah!

Thus, unwilling to deter our spirit, we decided to think positive and head to Tanjung Aru instead.

We had ABC Special...for the price of RM2.50, and also ate our dinner.

Take a stroll along the beach.

At about 6pm, we head to airport and meet up with the KL team. Phew! They actually arrived!! :P Immediately, we took the pre-arranged rented van and head to Kundasang. Ooops...before that, we made a stop at Alamaya as the KL team would like to have some dinner first.

If i am not mistaken, we reach our destination at around 9pm. It is Mountain Resthouse, which is only around 100m from Kinabalu Park.

Here's how the room looks like. Simple but clean and comfortable enough for the to-be hikers. ;)
It was a good memorable night. :) Rain, Muchi the Cat and the shared open door toilet. Haha.
Next up --> The Climb.