Thursday, May 6, 2010

The day things started to go wrong...

It was Day 13 and we are already at the 12th city. Time sure flies very fast and we questioned ourselves... "Are we ready to go back?" Back to reality. Ending this adventure. ;(

But back home is where we belong. Above all, we need to go back as that's where we work for a living. :P Else, we will end up being beggars on the street.

Anyway, we safely arrived to Brussels Midi Station, with plenty of time still at hand before our train departure, we find a seat and proceed to eat the dinner we bought just now. Suddenly, a guy on a wheelchair approached Aida and starting to say something to her in a foreign language. Is he asking for money? Or he wanted the food that we are having? Unclear of his motives, I think, it’s wiser that we ignore him. If it is not money or food that he wants, he might be humiliated by our act. Unfortunately, that is not a wise move. He suddenly becomes more agitated and started pulling Aida elbow. He grabbed it so tight that Aida cringed. In an instinctive defensive act, I pulled back Aida’s arm away from him and motioned to him to leave us alone. Laili ask us to move quickly as that guy could be a mad guy instead! We stand, about to take our bag, when I suddenly notice that he is getting ready to spit at me! #*@!%#1!^!#^!!!!!!
I turned my head quickly and at the same time can see him spitting! I could sense his spit hitting the back of my scarf.#!%!#%^!^!!!! I was super mad and at the same time super scared! =( That guy is crazy! He is turning aggressive! We managed to grab our bag and leave the place. Then, we saw him turning towards another guy who was sleeping on the bench, and he tried to punch that guy! Super freaking us out! As a last resort, we move away to a place far from his sight. I then went to wash my face and to calm myself down, walk a bit around that area and ending up buying 3 box of Godiva chocolates. Shopping does sooth your heart and soul. :

Well, the mishap doesn’t stop here. As we look up at the train information counter, we can’t find our train number! Our train was suppose to leave at 8.29pm, but the display was already showing the train for 8.30pm onwards! Where is our train?!

To be continue…………………………….


Aning said...

Aku bile gi vacation, jumpe 'joker' mcm ni la yg buat aku takut. Patutnye ko tolak je wheelchair die. Hehehe..

Zue said...

Tuh la aning... kita kene expect jupe org cam ni and learn how to react... mana bley tolak wheelchair..dia kan gile..tak baik.... :P nanti aku plak kene masuk balai..