Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sabah Day 1 - A rough start

Mission Impossible = Conquer Mt Kinabalu
The talk about this mission impossible started from August 2009. Omin who had been to Sabah tried to hike up the Kinabalu trail just for fun. With lack of practice, she managed to get to the 2km station. Then, after my family outing in the same August, Omin and I started to talk on this “mission” seriously. So, we spread the words and in the end gotten 13 people to sign their blood on this crazy adventure.

Crazy it may seem as we are not those hard core active people. Heck, the most my friends and I has been doing is hitting the gym, or the leisure climb up Bukit Jambul in Penang and that once in a while venture into Kerachut. But you have to have a dream, don’t you? Aim for the outer space and hit the sky! :P

One of the group members, Fazilah, had a friend, Cikgu Shamsul @ Boss in KK who arrange this Kinabalu stuff. So, she gave me his contact number and we liaised on the date and fee.
Date : 13May.
Fee: RM440 for 13pax.
(Inclusive of Tour Guide, Lodging at Gunting Lagadan, Certificate, 2x Breakfast, 2x Dinner and 1x Lunch)
** The price varies and keeps increasing. So, don’t be surprise with a different rate if you aim to go. ;)
If you are interested to book, you can send a message to Boss's facebook as below:-
Let him know how many people in your group and when do you plan to go. ;)

Flight bookings were done in December. This is the price that we got:-

PG - KK for 6 pax
KK - PG for 3 pax

After that, we kind of take our own ways…live our own life…do our own business until March, where we started to do some serious training. Azleena wrote about it in her blog -->

Monkey Beach
Penang Hill
Bukit Jambul ( Tumpang link En Pian :P )
Bukit Mertajam

Time sure flies, and here comes April. That’s when Air Asia decided to interfere with our plan. Around end of April, I received an SMS saying that the flights has been rescheduled.

PG-KK 10am -12May
KK-PG 7am -16May

PG-KK 8pm - 11May

(since it will be too late to reach Kundasang area, i've call to reschedule us to 11May)
KK-PG 5pm -16May

We continue to be positive and get in touch with our host, Bos and inform him that we need to crash over at his place 1 night. Glad that he welcomes us with open arms. ;) Thanks Bos!

11May – Departure Day!
Fazilah, Azleena and Marlina was already at the airport while I was coming out from my house when we receive an SMS from Akhmal saying that he need to pull out from the trip. ;( His uncle was admitted due to cancer and he does not feel right to go on with the journey. It dampen our spirit a little, but we need to go on no matter what. Thanks Akhmal for sending us off at the airport and we wish that you and your wife will plan another trip for both of you. ;)

We reached KK safely around 11pm, get picked up by Bos and was brought to the “hot spot” in KK. Having a local to bring you around is sure great!

So, that’s it! The introduction. To be continued…. Day 2- The next surprise!


Aning said...

Giler murah ko punye pakej. Aritu bdk2 opis aku check pakej kk tu dlm 2K over. Boleh kasik tak contact no ko tu? ^_^ Email kat aku ek! Thanks!

Yours truly said...

hehehe x sabar nak baca lagi :D

Zue said...

aning..2k tu termasuk macam2 kot.. skg ni kalo pakej KK saja dlm rm688.. tapi aku rasa mmg murah la yg Bos arrange kat kitoang ni..tu aku dah add facebook dia..bley contact kat situ... ;)

nasreen... baik! akan ku tulis lagi!

Anonymous said...

zue, utk memenuhi permintaan ramai, leh forwardkan info ttg pakej yg murah ni ke email i? Thanks.


finafedora said...

zue, mau share blog link ;) agaga. btw last year tu paksa punya paksa si Omin naik sampai 2km. kesian dia :P

Zue said...

mr S.... i mana tau email u... tapi apa pon, u leh anto email kat fesbuk El Maestro je..dia takde pakej2...sbb biz persendirian... ;)

finaaaaaa.... share lah. tuh la..this year, omin lak yg ke depan ek. :P