Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Tooth in Brussels

Some Facts:- Brussels operates as a bilingual city where both French and Dutch are official languages. Thus all the streets have two names, which can sound totally different. For example, the Main Square is called both la Grand Place and de Grote Markt. Although officially bilingual, French is undoubtedly Brussels' lingua franca. English is also widely understood, but not always widely spoken. (credit)
That's where our next destination is, Grand Place-Grote Markt, surrounded by the city tower and a range of beautiful 300 year old buildings!!
Charles Buls Fountain
This small entrance lead to 102 shops! No kidding!

Initially we plan to go another chocolate outlet listed in the tourist guide, but who knows, one we reach here, it is very hard for us to leave! Why not, each stores that we go in will offer free chocolate tasting! :P

Oops. Not this one. I think this cuties cost ~1EUR. We shared. :P

Galeries Saint Hubert-Sint Hubertusgalerijen. The world's first shopping mall, opened in 1847, is a light and airy triple-gallery enclosing boutiques, bookshops, cafés, restaurants, and a theater and cinema. (credit)

We got mesmerized seeing the sales girl preparing Strawberry Chocolate or is it Chocolate Strawberry?

Super Duper Yummy! EUR 1.6

Some of the buildings surrounding Grand Place

Memorial to Charles Buls, a Belgian politician and former mayor of the City of Brussels.

A unique statue of a guy sleeping, not so sure the history on this one.

As we walk along the alley towards Mannekin Pis, we were again tempted by this stall.

So, we bought 1!! :P
Right after that, is this alley.
Where the famous Mannekin Pis can be found!
Up close and Personal! Si Budak Kencing.

And it's twins, triplets... etc.... They are all curse to do the same thing. :P
After that, mission is considered accomplished and off we find our way back.
Look! Archie!

We walk to the next station and pass by this imposing statue of King Leopold II on his horse, Royal Palace
Reach Botanique safely. See those guys in the pictures? They are the security checking if people riding the trains have valid tickets. Luckly, we did not try to cheat and bought the tickets, albeit a bit dramatic as being told in the previous post. There is this 1 couple who did not have the tickets and try to escape the security, by running down and ascending elevator! Alas, the got caught!

Dunno what this thing represent. :P

Oh ya. Before getting our bags, we accidentally missed our tram station and get off at an Adidas store. While in there, we asked the owner if there is any Halal shop nearby, and guess what?! The road behind the shop is actually full with Muslim community and a lot of Halal restaurants. If only we know about this sooner! :P

Bought our dinner and off to the train station!

Bye Bye Brussels.
If i stay here longer, i might loose my teeth. :P

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