Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 13 - Brussels Part1

OMG....i am such a lame blogger. (-_-") It's been 2months+ and i haven't finish updating!!
Ok goes....Brusselssssss......
We reached Brussels at night. Thus, there is this eerie experience that I wanted to share. The direction says we could walk from Botanique Station right to the hostel, and walk we did. The road itself is not isolated as many cars were passing through it. Laili and Aida were walking in front while Judy and I walked a few meters behind them. Suddenly, a van pulls over right next to me and the driver speaks to me in a language I don’t understand. This is the type of van that carries things at the back, not a passenger type of van. Instinctively, I shook my head and continue walking, a little faster. Fortunately, they just drove off. Scary or not? Huhu. (-_-)

Anyway, we reached the hostel safely a few minutes later and this is how our room looks like. It is quite spacious and we spent the night watching Winter Olympic. :P
On the next day, after breakfast, we headed to Atomium. Before that, there is yet another experience at Botanique station again! Apparently, the station does not have a ticket counter and tickets need to be purchased from the auto machine. But the !%!% machine does not accept coins on that day! All it wanted is an auto card, sort of ATM card. We asked for help at the bus station and a guy tried to explain to us something. But we could not understand him as he cannot speak English. In the end, we decided to stand by the machine and identify a good samaritan to help us. Luckily, there's this woman who help us to purchase the tickets using her card. We paid her in cash. Phew. I think the whole fiasco cost us >half hour:(
Here's Atomium. We just loiter outside and take photos. :P

Next, we decided to go to Basilica. But, before that, one of the interesting thing about the metro in Brussels is each station is decorated differently. So, Laili and I stood by the train door and try our best to snap each station's photo before the door closes again. :P

We reached Basilica, but then again, we decided not to go in as we have other important agenda. What is that important agenda? It will be in Part 2. :P As of now, being Day 13 in Brussels, we are tired of taking photos already, hence, the goofy pictures.
When in Brussels

Brussels Never Die

After that, on the way to the train station, we crossed the street and bumped into Godiva and had a sip of Hot Chocolate for EUR3.
Then we take the metro to the station nearest to King Stephen Cathedral.
Stumble across this grand church.
and walk a bit
until we reach Stephen Cathedral. Nice isn't it?
This will be the next gothic cathedral after Duomo in Milan, i guess.

So, that's it. The 1st part of Brussels, just walking around, taking photos and goofing around. Our main agenda will be in Part2. Stay tune. :)

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