Sunday, April 25, 2010

7th Heaven in Amsterdam

We arrived in Amsterdam around 5.30pm and immediately take the metro to Museumplein. Again, we took the one with the opposite direction and we need to change back at the end of the station. :P This, ladies and gentleman, is what we called “Tourist ride on public transport”. Haha.
This is how our room looks like this time around. Very cramp! But, we won’t complain much since it’s not that we spent much time in the room anyway. It has a private bathroom though, which is a good thing. It does not have a heater though, but Aida manages to get the external heater from the receptionist.

It was already 8pm and we were all very hungry. Laili saw a sushi shop while we was on the bus and we decided to look for it. We did not find it, but instead stumbled upon this Indonesian Restaurant. Upon seeing HALAL sign at the door, we did not think much and just head in.

This is what we had. Nasi Remis and Nasi Goreng Jawa for the cost of EUR14.50 and EUR12.50 respectively. The dinner made us full! Very full and happy! :P

So, we decided to take a walk to help digest the food. There is one place that we always search for in each city. It is none other than the Hard Rock Café. It was quite a dark night, and to tell the truth, I was quite nervous as we walk along the street. Although the street is fully lit up with shops such as LV, Burberry and the alike, but it is quite isolated.

Next day, we woke up at 6.30am and had breakfast provided by the hostel. Then, we took the tram to Central Station to find the Stop/Go bus which provided free service for tourist who purchased the 24hr public transport ticket, which we did.
2 storeys bicycle parking. WHOA!
Bicycles here, there everywhere

Have you ever heard the words that 1 day, venice will sink? Well, if Venice ever sink(touch wood), then i think, Amsterdam will be the next Venice. :P

After much walking around and asking for directions, (apparently, not many people know about the Stop/Go bus), we finally found it! YEAH!

The bus will take you around those tourist spot where you can hop on and hop off anywhere you want. We got a very good driver who has never been to Malaysia and is surprised that we only have 1 weather through out the year. :P
Our 1st stop is Tulip Museum.
Wow! Look! Tulips!!!!
Kidding! It's just a picture. :P
The entrance is EUR4, but we managed to get 50% discount as we had collected a discount coupon at the hostel. The museum is actually quite small but it has so many cute flowery stuffs inside that we can't resist to spend more than EUR2. Smart startegy eh? Lure us with cheap entrance but make us shop instead.

Me with the museum caretaker of the day.
She is so tall !

I really wanted to buy that small flowers to put at my cube.
But i didn't.

After that, we walked to Anne Frank House. But unfortunately, the line is already long. :(
We don't have time with us, so we head back to the bus.
The bus, stopped at Waterloo. We decided to get off and check it out.
There, we found this market with really cool and cheap stuff.
Look at Laili having the time of her life, falling in love with a pink boot. :P

Oh! Another Halal shop! Time for a quich lunch!

Hotdog/Burger, ranges from EUR2-3. Hot Chocolate, EUR1.

This is where we found these cute hats!

and bags.

Then, we head back to the hostel and walk a bit around the area.

Pass by a few museums, but we did not go in due to it is super expensive. :(
Entrance ranges >EUR12.

On the way back, we stop at this shop to buy some dinner.

The chef, is another guy with Indonesian ancestors who teach him how to cook nasi goreng and rendang ayam.

Finally, we head back to pack our bags and heads off for another city!

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