Thursday, October 15, 2009

Singapore - Dec 2006

Once we reached Singapore, we immediately took a cab from bugis to Sentosa Island. The fare was reasonable. There, we went to Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon. The Underwater World was OK, but the Dolphin Lagoon is Super Fun!

Took a cable car to cross back and then head to hotel right after that by MRT. Oh ya..the cable car is not for those who fear height! Poor Aida was trembling all the way. :P

The exit at Chinatown MRT is a very fascinating one i must say. We were greeted by olden days buildings that is truely covered in the chinese heritage. I remembered almost 4 of us saying "wow" after we emerged from the mrt station. It turns out that the hotel is very nearby.
Tip --> go to Chinatown to buy souveniers!

Next, after failed asking for kiblat directions, we headed to the nearby mosque to perform our prayers. One thing about sg that we noticed: everything is tourist-friendly. even the religious places. phamplets and seating area greeted us.

Next is the most exciting journey- walk to merlion! Yeah. Yes, we walked! After getting to the nearest mrt of course. Another good thing about Singapore : map is waaaay accurate and easy to read.

The walk although a bit tiring was good. As we are able to take a closer look at all the very unique buildings along the way. I enjoyed the walk at Clarke Quay the most. The view is simply spectacular. Modern & Traditional blend so well together. We finally reached merlion and snap photos despite the cat&dogs rain.

Right after that, we walked our way to the nearest mrt that take us to Orchard Road. I actually thought orchard road was something like chowkit road! But how different it is with all the complexes arranged so near to each other! And throngs of people flooded the place. Its full of Indonesians, mat salehs, Fillipinos, Malaysia of course and others.

the scenery did not quite meet my expectation, as i was hoping to see santa with his elf but to no avail. The road is filled up with lights that i wished i had a nice camera to capture all of it. At the end of the day our foot ache so much that dayah & i walked like an old lady.