Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maldives - The prep work

Now that we've decided the destination, next come the research and background works. Where , when, how, what, and what not. :P  It was never my dream to go Maldives. But now that we plan to go there, it has become my dream to stay on a water chalet. So, the inital searching is to find an affordable water chalet. I used Agoda website to find the accomodations and landed on Kuredu Island with have among the cheapest water villa at ~1k per nite. OH YES. 1K. and i booked it! (Probably i was hallucinating that i am a miliionaire at that moment) So, one knows that Maldives is a series of islands. And to get to the island, that's additional charges. Well, to get to Kuredu, one need to take a seaplane. And the total cost for 4 days 3 night for 2 person sums up to RM5.4k. The flight tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Male ranges ~RM4k for 2 person return. All in all it sums up to almost RM10k. Any our budget was actually RM10k. So, suddenly my mind able to think logically and back to sanity that if we already spent 10k, for sure we will exceed budget. Being a planner, i wanted to stick to the budget and finally, i decided to drop out Water Villa and choose a nearer island with a speed boat which will cost cheaper.

There are 2 blogs which become my wikipedia for planning the trips. They are.

1. Shazwani Hamid's
2. I am the Witch's 

With this 2 blogs and Agoda at the tip my finger, i continue the search.....


As we talked about our honeymoon destination, we knew we wanted to go somewhere with white sandy beach and clear blue sea. The first few options was Redang and Phuket. But then, out of nowhere, Q(my husband) said that "why not we go to Maldives?". Well, i would be crazy if i said NO. And Maldives it is. :)