Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 3 - Namsan Tower

That morning, before heading out, we asked Smith if we can get fresh strawberries from the market. He then showed us the direction to a supermarket which is just at the end of the street.

The market is right behind the Tous Les Jours cafe.

You can even buy fish if you intend to cook!

There are varieties of fresh fruits in the supermarket but we chosed strawberries!!!!!!

They are really really sweeeet.

We went back to leave the strawberries and then head to our destination of the day, Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower can be reached from Myeongdong subway station. From there, we need to walk up a bit. We passed Namsan guest house. Gosh, we felt so lucky now knowing that Namsan Guest House was fully booked. There is no way we can survive walking uphill to get to the guest house daily. Phew~~~
Reached the cable car station.

The weather was not so good that day. Misty and about to rain.

Edward! Where are you? ;P

So misty that we cannot see Namsan Tower up close.

So, we decided not to go up as well.

Namsan Tower is also famous for "Locks of Love". Couples can put their locks with their love vows with hope that they will stay together forever.

It's really fun observing the locks one by one.

Most of them are very unique and cute.

Feeling hungry already, we went in to the souvenir shop and scribble our name on the wall.

Theee heee hee

There's a cozy cafe inside.

Where we had the best fries in the world! Must try!

Then we continue walking around a bit to explore the place.

And walk down to catch the bus to our next destination....for the most anticipated lunch!