Sunday, May 9, 2010

Buckingham Palace , London Part 1

Due to the train being changed to Lille, we reached London at 11pm vs supposedly 9.30pm. Thus, we opted for Taxi to our hostel at Victoria Street. Cost 22pound. The hostel was nice, but then we found out that our room is on the 4th floor! That mean, another set of stairs!!! There is a sink inside the room but shower/toilet is outside and need to be shared.

The next day, we had breakfast provided by the hostel. The kitchen was so full with the travellers. A young Japanese guy joined us and introduced himself as U-Ichi. He has just finished his last semester, thus wanted to travel before he started working. How nice……No need to work also can travel. (-_-) But, he also mentioned that he got disappointed “I came all the way to Europe…but I can see Japanese everywhere!” Haha..True… At each city we’ve been to, we never fail to see a Japanese.
Anyway, after breakfast, we bid our goodbye and off we went to the 1st landmark in London. Oh ya..we purchased a 1 day underground pass for 5.6Pound
Big Ben!

London Eye!

Thames River

After that, we head to St James Park Station and took a short walk through Buckingham Gate heading to non other than the Buckingham Palace to catch the guard changing ceremony!

Aida asking for direction.

Diana's Memorial the Queen at home?

So many people!!

So so many people!!!!

Yeay! Guards!!!
But, they are not wearing red. :( This is the winter clothing, i think.

Guards chit-chatting

This guard is like an artiste. There's a long line waiting to take photo with him.

Aida's modelling attempt.
My modelling attempt. comes the limo to pick us!
To be continue...

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