Monday, May 10, 2010

London Bridge, London Part 2 and Finale

After witnessing the guard changing ceremony, we head out to Hard Rock Cafe/Shop. Disclaimer: In almost every cities that we went, Hard Rock London has the most variety design! :P

As we walk to the Green Park Station, we passed by a café called Pret A Manger and made a stop for a quick lunch. I had sandwich and Mocha for 4Pound.

Laili sure know how to eat.

A moment not to be forgotten

We then took the metro to Charing Cross, and exit right into Trafalgar Square

Then, we took the metro again and head to Monumen Station.

Walk to London Bridge. Macam ini saja rupanya... (-_-)
Oh Look! A nicer bridge! Let's go there! :P

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge. Me. Red Bus.

Last but not least, a stop at the Oxford Road!

Last minute shopping! Let's go!

Well…remember that things started to go wrong in Brussels, Part 1 and Part 2? Well…things continue to go wrong in London. We jokingly said that, the way things starting to go wrong is an omen that it’s time for us to go home. I fail to mentioned previously that the metro nearest to our hostel in Victoria Street was closed for maintenance. Thus, as a containment plan, they have arranged for bus instead to go through the route from a few designated metro station. Unfortunately, the bus travel at a slower speed and stop for a long time to wait for all passengers to get on board. This would not be a problem if we was not racing against time. Our bus to Stansted leaves at 7pm!

Chronology: Left Oxford Street at 5.30pm. Reach our hostel at 6.30pm! Reach Victoria Station at 6.50pm.
Now, theoretically, we would have gotten there on time. But, surprise surpriseeeeeee, the bus stop is right at the end of the station. We ran. Ran like we were about to be eliminated from the Amazing Race. With our 8kg backpack, we ran! But as we approached the bus station, we could not see our Terravision bus. Yes. The inevitable had happened. We missed the bus! The next bus will be at 8.30pm which might be too late. If we wait for the bus, and the traffic is bad, we might miss the flight.

So, what’s next?
Plan A : Take metro to Liverpool and change to another metro to Stansted.
Plan B : Take Taxi.
Plan C(highest risk) : Wait for Bus.

Final decision: Plan B.

So, there were we, standing by the road side under the drizzle, looking for a taxi. It took us almost 30minutes when we got one. He said “It’s gonna cost you a lot”. Well, we kind of expected how much it will cost us, so we said “It’s ok. We have the money

Then, as we settled into his car, he started making phone calls. By the end of the call, he turn to us and said “I’ve been driving taxi for 3 years, and I have never been to Stansted” What?! Before we even have the chance to say that, he continued “But I called my friend and he said it’s quite straight forward” Ohh…OK. we have no choice but to trust him.

And we lived to this day to tell the story. We arrived to Stansted just in time for check in. ;)

So. That’s it. That’s the end of the journey.
That’s all I have for now. Gonna leave for another escapade tomorrow.

Phew…Glad I managed to write this before the next adventure begin.

Note: Europe Trip Budget/overall Planning is HERE.
Till then. See ya!


Aning said...

Yeay, abis sudah~~ Tahniah! Tahniah! Pasni gi mana plak? Tp mmg respect la, u can hopping from one country to another.. Gila babeng adventurous la. Kalo aku ari ke-3 dah flat dah.. Hehe..

P/S Gila crab sandwich tu sungguh irresistible. Ko kene carikkan kt aku pasni ^_^

Zue said...

hehehee....aku sudah pergi dan kembali dari menakluki Gunung Kinabalu bha...nanti ku tulis ceritanya..

aku pon tak sangka weh..leh move from 1 country to my head, dah prepare for the worst. :P la kalo upload pic food, mesti mengugat keimanan pregnant ladies. :P

NoorHidayah said...

selame ni aku ingatkan landon bridge tu adalah tower bridge...rupe2ne lain...hihi..