Sunday, February 28, 2010

Europe Trip Budget

We just finished our trip in the West part of Europe. "We" equals to Laili(Organizer), Judy(Treasurer), Aida(Navigator) and Zue(Planner :P ). We travelled to 12 countries in ~14 days and i am going to write the story little by little. If you have anything to ask, just comment away!

Our path in red line:-

The first question on everybody's mind is -- How much do you spent for the trip?
Thus, FYI, here are the main budget allocations:-

Firstly, it depend on which airline you chosed. Being a low budget traveller, we opt for Air Asia. Secondly, it really depend on your luck and the timeline of doing your bookings. Aida, Judy and Laili booked in May and they got the return tickets for RM1578. Laili invited me to join the trip in August, and i got it as per below fare:-

Our plan was to maximise our trip as much as possible, thus covering as most countries as we can. There are many type of packages that you can choose for travelling via trains in Europe at Rail Europe World Website.
Laili did some research and comparison. We have 2 options, either buy a Global Pass and reserve the seats or, by a point to point tickets. There are not much difference as below:-
We opt for Global Pass which provide flexibility to travel between 21 countries within 15days.
Besides, it also entitle us for 1st class seat! After purchasing the pass, you are strongly advised to do reservation for Popular countries, else, you might end up without seat throughout the journey. However, Eurail has been kind enough to list down which countries does not need reservation, in our case, below are the reservation list:-



The accomodations budget also depend on your preference. For us, we opt for low budget with good review and good locations, the nearer to the train station, the better! We booked the hostels online through Hostel World and Hostel Bookers, thus we pay 10% as soon as we booked, and the balance once we checked in. Here's a summary:-There is a slight variance in the 10% charges due to the currency exchange voltality, so the 10% is calculated in RM base on the charges to our credit card. ;)


Let's just assume EUR10 per day, or roughly overall EUR 120 for 12 countries, ~RM570.

Overall basic budget is.......tara taaa taaaa.... RM7233.

I've yet to summarize the detail budget on metros, bus, tram, entrance tickets that we spend in each cities, so, probably i'll do that once i've done writing on all cities. ;)

All in all, it is safe to assume that overall $$$ spent could be within RM10k.

WARNING: The world could be being used here is because there will always be tempations for shopping and this could cause your budget to shoot up more than RM10k, so, don't blame me if that ever happen. You've been warned! :P


NoorHidayah said...

up to 10K....ok.....kene keje kuat kumpul duit dulu ni :D

Zue said...

yaaaa....kerja la sekuatnye... :P

fifi said...

zue!!! im officially, once again, hooked on ur blog =)

Zue said...

hahahaha...welcome welcome.... :P

BibiErr Karim said...

Hello Zue. Tengah plan nak jelajah Europe juga. I have a question sebab pening nak arrange itinerary.

For the Global Pass, do we still need to buy the train ticket at the station. Based on ur table, ada column 'With Pass' which makes me a bit confuse. Thanks in advance.