Friday, February 19, 2010

live from munich

halo! short update!
am using internet at 4 you munchen in munich. its 1eur for 20mins.
so far we have been to london(stop only), paris, zurich, milan, rome, venice.
after munich, we are going to 21hb vienna, 22hb prague, 23hb berlin, 24hb amsterdam, 25hb brussel, and then back to 26hb london.
so far everything is good. never thot i could survive 1 night in a different city each day. there are muslim's everywhere so it is not that hard to find food.
hope that the journey continue to goes well.
oh..about winter, the day time still can tahan, dgn baju tebal of coz. but waktu malam sangat sejuk sampai mengigil kat sesetengah country. tapi still hanging on and stay healthy. ada juga antara kami yg sakit2 sini sana, tapi lepas telan ubat, sume ok. recover fast!

ok la.. gtg...

till then, take care.


nasreen said...

alhamdulillah..have fun dearie! miss u too

afams-chan said...


have a nice holiday lalink!

NoorHidayah said... nyer....take care ye dear :D

cik mutiara said...