Wednesday, February 24, 2010

live from berlin


Yasz said...

All bundled up =p, the attire looks good for mt.kk climb too! enjoy the cold, it's very very hot in msia. I'm sweating me armpits out just writing this. LOL!

n hope you got urself one of those 'debris' of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir. I wonder if they still sell that kind of souvenir there and dunno if it's the true-blue Berlin wall debris. But worth to get it as a memento.=p

Happy and safe travel ahead!

afams-chan said...

Jumpa Michael Ballack, cakap kat dia i miss his old times..skang dia dah tua, main bola tak power sangat dah..k thanks

*macam iye2 je dpt jumpa Ballack..hehehe