Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why i like it longer

I am sure everybody will agree with me if I say that whenever we go in search for food, especially if it’s a new venture, one of the things that could sway your decision is if you notice the queue at the food stall/restaurant. Correct?
The longer, the better! Longer queue or more people mean 100% confirmation that the food will be great. If not, what the heck are these people doing, spending their precious time all for the long wait! If you are brave enough to take the risk and join in the craze, you will end the outing with a big smile on your face!
Here’s a few proof. ;)

Location: Penang, the Heaven for Food!

Start off your breakfast with Roti Canai or Telur Separuh Masak at Transfer Road!
Clockwise from 1st photo:-
#1 The tables are always full!
#2 Look at the energetic faces waiting for breakfast
#3 Two girls salivating over food! How often could you see such crime out in the open?
#4 The temptation!!

Fill up your stomach with the local delicacies at Ikan Bakar Din
Clockwise from 1st photo:-
#1 Long queue!
#2 Look at the happy face choosing the food
#3 A table full of the "chosen ones"
#4 The plate will always look like this once you are done. :P

Test your taste bud with Rojak Buah
Clockwise from 1st photo:- #1 Waiting to be picked
#2 You need to focus when u dip the fruits :P
#3 All smile once you manage to grab the "most wanted" fruit of the day
#4 A face never look more contented at paytime

Close the day with the best seafood dinner
Clockwise from 1st photo:-
#1 Prawns
#2 Crabs
#3 Scenery
#4 Waiting to attack the food

All in all, what's important is how the experience make your day. Looking at all the satisfied faces, it is proven that the longer the queue, the better the food! Just like LG Chocolate phone (BL40). I simply love it just because it is longer. No any other reason required! Check it out!

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