Sunday, October 10, 2010

Danau Toba

Hi! It's already 2months after Medan trip..and i have yet to complete it! Better late than never, kan. So here goes.....

The morning started with a simple yet unforgettable breakfast. Roti bakar with chocolate jem. I can still remember it's chocolatey taste and the yummy chocolate rice that comes with it. Huhuhu... a note to myself to smuggle out this kind of jem next time!

Here's what Dindi's family going to have for breakfast. And us being tempted by it, did have a few bites. Come on...who does not get tempted by this kind of good food? Pecal is infact one of my fave!

Dindi has obtained 2 van for the MPV, 1 of it comes with a driver while another one was driven by her bestfriend, Azka. We departed at 8.30am.

On the way, we stopped at Restoran Bahagia which serve Nasi Minang. No pics of food sorry! So hungry! After that, back on the road trip, the 3 of us keep dozing off on the way while Dindi kept Azka company.
Reached Danau Toba and stayed at this place called "Istana Bung Karno"

A nice place with magnificent view

fairytale comes alive

public beach


The place we stayed also can be considered a historical place as it was once used by President Sukarno. ;D

same chair? :D
Unfortunately, that time was a wrong timing as it is still school holiday + public holiday(10 Juli), so it is quite crowded. Dindi tried to sneak us in the private beach spot which is attached to a hotel. Normally, she can get it for 20k Rupiah, but this time, the security wanted to charge us 100k RP. In the end, not wanting to give in to him as seems he is taking advantage on the peak season and charging us extensively, we went back to the public beach near the bungalow but it started to drizzle. So azleena , M n me heads back to the house to finish our manga udang which we bought on the way searching for a good beach spot. As the rain slowed down later on, we went back, but not for a deep in the water, instead for photo seasion. ;)

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