Sunday, October 31, 2010


Went up to Botanical Garden at around 6.30am. woohhooo.... ;P (pat on the back). I thought that it was early, but already the carpark is almost full. Crazy people of Penang.

Crazy or not? When we reached,there are already people leaving. Means, they came at 5am or something?! But then again, the real PG Bridge Marathon run starts from 3am(21km), 6am(10km). So, i managed to run+walk for 3 rounds in 30minutes. I guess thats good enough to proof that the 10km in 1.5hrs is doable. I just need to buckle up and run more... sometimes, i don't really feel that tired, but i just like to stop and walk instead of running... hmmm... then i did another 3 more round of walk... and leave at around 8am.
And of course, the exact motivation for waking up early its actually breakfast time. Nyum!

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Anonymous said...

wooo..awainyaa! gambate kudasai! from Miss M