Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last week, we had an impromptu activity to Kerachut. Impromptu is it? Maybe not.
Initially, some of the group members plan a hike up Gunung Ledang. Unfortunately, Gunung Ledang was closed to hikers, or maybe part of it only, not sure. So, the group then opt for the backup plan to Penang instead. Kak Ilah somehow got promoted to be the organizer and she came up with this really full action packed route. Normally,we just went to one destination, either Kerachut or Monkey Beach. But seems we had guests coming from a far, KL and KK, so, here goes:-
Trekking Teluk Bahang -->Kerachut->
Boat --> Monkey Beach -->
Trekking --> Mukahead Lighthouse --> Teluk Bahang
(Start ~9am. End ~3.15pm)

Even having been there a few times, it will never tire me to go again <3

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zlee said...

route was planned together by fazz n zleenz ;) tumpang hall of fame sket...