Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pasar Petisah Pasar Ikan

As the the trip is quite short, we waste no time and head to Pasar Petisah right after our brunch. That would be just a few hours after landing in Medan. Bravo girls!

As we shop, I found that the blouse in Medan is relatively more expensive than Tanah Abang, Jakarta. According to Dindi, it's because the shops here get the supply from Jakarta too. It's lucky that Dindi accompanied us, as she can really bargain well. ;) We bought a few blouses which range from IDR 60,000 to IDR 150,000.
Dindi & Azleena

Green Girls

Marlina feeling contented being in the shopping heaven ;P

Photographer, part time model and shopaholic in action

A few hours later, we got thirsty and.....look! Teh Botol! :D

The last shop.

For prayers, we made a stop at Masjid Raya. According to Wikipedia, Masjid Raya a.k.a the Great Mosque of Medan was built in 1906 in the Moroccan style by the Dutch architect Dingemans. It was such a big and spacious mosque.

We wanted to buy telekung(the women's prayer outfit), but those at Petisa were mostly priced around IDR300,000(RM108). Thus, Dindi suggested that we change the location to Pasar Ikan, which on the other hand, have telekung as low as IDR40, 000 to IDR120, 000. (IDR 50 = RM18).

So, that's the end of the shopping frenzy, and after this, we are more ready for the real deal of Medan. Yosh!


NoorHidayah said...

@ the last shop..kesian tgk patung tu...hihi....

afams-chan said...

nak tanya pasal teh botol

teh botol tu sejuk or panas? ke style dier macam ala2 teh botol yg kita selalu beli kat seven E/stesen minyak?

Zue said...

mrs S..begitulah nasib seorang patung.

afam.. erm... dia botol , letak dlm peti ais... then kalo nak sejuk lagi, leh mintak cawan, letak ais kat dalam, then tuang. tapi kalo botol tu, macam botol air menet zaman dulu2 tuuu..