Thursday, October 3, 2013

hello world part 4

I wanted so much to go to labor room so that i can be assured what i felt was contraction. Since no machine was present, i had to rely to the nurse to confirm for me. The pain increases as time past by. For me, the pain revolve around the cervix area. None felt at waist, stomach, backbone or any area. Hence, the confusion. I dont remember how painful it is now, but i remembered tossing and turning left and right while reciting ' la ila haila anta subha na ka inni kuntum minazzolimin...'Everytime the nurse did vaginal inspection and i cringe, she will say sorry but i always tell her it's not painfull as the most pain i felt is the contraction. Other then that is considered not painful. Not even episiotomy or the stitches. So, thats the best way i can describe for the contraction pain.

Everytime i turn to my right or left side, it got more painful, i will call to the nurse... 'rasa nak berakkkk' and she will come to inspect and said its not yet 10cm. At one point, she got doubtful and asked me ' betul ke nak berak?' Huhuhuhu

Finally after what felt like f0rever, it was 8cm.. and she asked me ' nak saya tolong bagi cepat?' Mesti la nakkk... i nodded. Then it was 9cm and 10cm came shortly after. She teached me how to push,i practised and then i can push on the next contraction. There were 2 nurses, 1 at the front and 1 on my left. Q on my right.  i did not hold Q's hand but asked him to hold my head instead. During the pushing,i had to lift my body and touch my chin at the chest which  i was afraid i wont be able to do so.

1st pushed, fail. 2nd push, fail. 3rd push, failllll... arghhh.. sorry baby mommy is such a looser. I dont remember at what push finally baby's hair is visible. They called Q to see and he got teary. Thehee... after that, i pushed for almost 1hr, but no further progress. I dont know why, but suddenly the contraction is not so painful anymore. It is so shortlived that pushing is useless. According to the nurse, u need to feel the pain to facilitate the progress. She keep asking me, do u feel the pain? To which i reply no. Then she said we can't let the baby be in that condition for long as she can't get oxygen there. But i am not faking it, i really do not feel any pain. So, they decidednto drip me. A method to induce pain. And i said OK. Whatever pain i need to take to take my baby out, i'll do it.

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