Thursday, September 19, 2013

hello world part1

Friday,13 Sep
Final checkup with Dr.Rosita at Pearl Maternity. Today we will decide the date for induce. Dr Rosita actually estimated 12Sep as the expected delivery date but Klinik Kesihatan gave us until 18Sep. So while waiting, i discussed with Q that we will set 20Sep as induce date. Our turn then came and as Dr Rosita scan she said..." is 3.7kg. Dont wait anymore...u come in tmrw for induce"
I was like...WHAT?! TMRW? NO CANT DO. Ok doc...u give me another 2 days...i think i can feel the sign lately...i`ve been having stomach pain lately...i think its soooon.
So, the date is set as16Sep!

Q then asked... why arent me ready yet...mental or physical? Of course.... MENtal! I am a planner... i plan... i dont suddenly decide tmrw i will go to labor. Huhuhuhu

I am not afraid of the induce process...but i worry how my body will react to it..if induce is not successfull...then u hv no way back. The only way out is czer, which i dont want to go thru after u tried halfway. If its mite as well czer from the start. I dont want to experience both pain.   :(

So...we went back..and that evening made a detour to Penang Bird Park with little Nejad in tow....secretly hoping the walk will be able to trigger the labor.

Saturday,14 Sep
Went for a walk in Queensbay to satisfy last minute craving at Old Town.

Sunday,15 Sep
Had a good brunch at Argyll Road followed by a walk around Youth Park. It was nice....wish i did that earlier...

But sad to say...all the walking did not bring any sign of labor. However, mentally.... i am already prepared for the battle. 16 i come!

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