Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scenic Route to Milan

As usual, here is what we have for breakfast. Laili had this idea to fry the bread with butter which turn out yummylicious!!


That's the jam we "take away" from Vintage Hostel, Paris

It's the best breakfast! What a good meal to start your day!
Next, we walk to the Train Station.

Here's some story. While we were sitting at a bench. discussing our plans, a guy suddenly come and said "Kamu orang Malaysia ke?" . Speechless! Yep. We met a Malaysian who lived in Zurich for 3 years already. His name is Ahmad. He seems so happy to see us , as we are happy to see him. According to Ahmad, there are a handful of Malaysians in Zurich. Since Ahmad cannot take us out, he showed us the train station instead. The ground floor has souvenirs shop which are just perfect for last minute shopping. It is unfortunate that we met him on our last day, if not, we would get a free tour guide in Zurich. But, don't be sad, if you plan to go to Zurich and need any advice, email me, and i will give u Ahmad's email address. ;)

The train ride from Zurich to Milan simply makes the trip to Zurich very worthwhile. The train travel through the Gotthard route which leads over and through the......... Swiss Alps! It is very breathtaking that I will need to dedicate 1 entry just for its photos. The minute we pass the mountain, all of us were glued to the window, hands on camera, snap snap snap! Mouth wide opened. Unfortunately, it is a bit winding, making Aida dizzy. So, for the sake of Aida, who had to force herself to sleep almost all the way, and dear readers and lastly for my own remembrance, herewith, the scenic views to Milan.

Once in a while when we pass places like this, i try to find Edward behind those trees

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Yours truly said... is so beautiful!

NoorHidayah said...

OMG....cantik nyerrr.....sebbaik edward tak kua...kalo dot dot...hihi. wah jumpe org msia lagi..roti bfast tu nampak sgt sedap... ;D

Anonymous said...

love it so much....

Zue said...

hi all...cantik kan.. :D
NoorHidayah...yee..roti itu sgt sedap digoreng mentega...pergh!