Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 4 - Gothic Milan

Half way to Milan, at one of the stations, 4 guards come up on the train. One of them looks at us and asks “Indonesia?” to which we replied “Malaysia”. There is a big dog with them who keep sniffing our bags. One of them joke “Must be got food inside!” They then verified our passport and move on to the next coach. This scenario repeat itself through out the journey, every time we cross a border. At 12.50pm, we reach Milan Centralle Station and immediately bought a 24hr public transportation ticket for 3EUR each.

From there, we took a metro to Loretto as per the hostel guide. At Loretto, we ask for direction again which bring us to Plaza Loretto. We found the road, but, wow……it is a very long walk.
Reminds me of "Abruzzi" from Prison Break

The underground metro

USCITA = exit
Hotel Ca Grande is number 87.

Unfortunately, this hostel does not have a kitchen. However, the room and toilet is not bad at all.
They also have Hair Dryer baby! Yeay!

View from the balcony- Kids were playing outside.

View from balcony - the neighbourhood

Heads out and found a Halal Kebab Restaurant nearby.

They even gave us extra 1 bread each.
Judy craves for chicken.


Once done with the food, we took the tram to Loretto and then gets into the metro to Il Duomo.

Inside the tram

Here's something cool. Once u exit the metro at Duomo, you need to walk up the stairs and exit right in fron of the cathedral. The stairs was made so that it reflects a piano. Every step gives a note. Here's a video:-

Duomo is the most magnificent cathedral through out the journey.

While I was looking at Duomo, all inspired and awed by it, a guy suddenly walks towards me and shows me some grain in his hands and say“Take it”. I just raised my hand and say “No”. But he was close enough to take my hands and put the grains in it “Take it”. The moment he put the grain in my hand, flocks of dove came to eat it off. He said “Take photo”. I was ecstatic. I recall thinking “ this how they treat the tourist here? Not bad”. I could see Aida a few metres in front, so I signal to her to take photo, which she did, as seen below.

Right after the picture was snap, that's when i realize i am stupid. :( The guy turned to me and said "OK. 5 EUR". !#^*#$%. I've been conned!
Me : You did not say that just now.
Con man: No. 5 EUR.
Me : No. I don't have.
Con man: 5 EUR
He came closer and gave me a really serious gangster look. Freaking guy scare the shit out of me. I try to walk away towards the girls at the far end.
Me : I don't have.
Con man: Stop. 5 EUR.
#!%!%^ I think to myself. Do i run? Do i shout? But i don't want to anger him. Nor gave him 5 EUR. Heck, i can buy myself a good dinner with that! But, i don't want him to trail me. I need to give him some money or he won't go away. I do not want to pull out my purse, afraid that he will see how much money i have inside. So, I open up the zip on my sling bag and show him some coins.
Me: I only have this.
Con man: Give me.
I gave him the coins. I guess it's around 2EUR. He counted it and look back at me.
Con man: No.5 EUR.
Me: No. I don't have anymore.
I show him the empty pockets. He took one lance glance, give a snort and walk away. I walk towards the girls,told them the story and ask them to go in Duomo immediately. Laili said "If he come to bother you again, i will give him a kick". Huhu. Thanks Laili. ;)

So, we walk into Il Duomo. Free entrance. Here's a few photo of how it look inside the building.

Some info from here
"An exceptionally large and elaborate Gothic cathedral on the main square of Milan, the Duomo di Milano is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is the largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world."

Next, we took the metro to Corazzo to the Da Vincci's Gallery which is home to "The Last Supper" painting. Unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out, so we can't see the real painting. However, there are a few photos with some informations inside the gallery, and looking at it up close, we do learn a bit more on why it was so famous. One of them explain that the hands of each people in the paintings can be intpreted as reflecting their emotions and hidden agenda at that time.

After that, we took the metro to Via Broletto, which is a shopping street that ends at Duomo.
We are in Milan, of course we need to do some shopping. :P

Reach Duomo around 8pm, take some photos again, and play with the stairs again.
Can't help it.
Finally, we reach the hostel safely and get a good rest for Rome.

Hostel:- No heater! No kitchen! But nice room/bathroom and near to tram station.
Food:- ~EUR 7
Transportation:- EUR3


Yasz said...

uber cool staircase..i like the sound of italians speaking in the background..=p

Zue said...

hahaa... yep..very very cool... kreatif!
italians kat belakang tu cam tgh panggil kawan dia ke ape..LOL.