Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 9 - Catch a show in Vienna

The train from Munich leave for Vienna at 7.27am. Fortunately we had enough time to "take away" a.k.a tapau the breakfast provided by the hostel and have it on the train instead.
A never to forget breakfast

There are many reasons to travel by train. Beautiful scenery, no hassle, plenty of time to take an extra nap, and above all, it's the only time i can find to write my blog entry, the traditional way. :P

Our tickets entitled us for 1st class, and most of the time, we will conquer 1 coach as below. :P

The route

Finally, we arrived in Vienna and found our way to the hostel

Since it is not check in time yet, we leave the bag and take the tram to Naschmarkt. We plan to have our lunch there as according to the tourist guide pamphlet, food here is relatively cheaper.

A place we stumble on the way to the market
Unfortunately, the market is close on Sunday. Booohoohoo :'(

We were super duper hungry and believe it or not, the choice that we have at that time is either kebap or sushi. I don't know since when, but the Japanese are invading Vienna. :P In the end, we chosed kebap.

Mine- EUR 9.50

Once done, we took the metro and head to Stephen Cathedral. But, having been to bigger and more grand Cathedral especially in Milan, Stephen Cathedral does not awe us that much that we did not take any decent photo of it. ;(

This horses service were right opposite Stephen Cathedral
The horses stink a bit. :P

Next we head to the tram station as we wanted to make a big round through the Vienna Ring Road.
Vienna's Ringstrasse or Ring Road- In the 16th century, bastions were built around the city of Vienna to serve as an even better defense than the earlier medieval walls. In 1858 these walls were torn down to build a ring road around the central core of the city. The area within this ring road is considered the old city of Vienna

The tram

The pros: You get to see almost all the historical/tourist site in a short time, eg Volksgarten and Parliament Building
The cons: Cannot take good, up close and personal photo :P
View from the Metro

We hop off at Volkstheater station to change to tram no 38 to Grinzing

Grinzing is suppose to be a wine village. Reading the description, I actually imagined a very large vineyard greeting us. But it looks just like a normal peacefull neighbourhood, and it's getting dark and cold, so, after a little walk we head back to Volkstheater station as we wanted to catch a theater. Yeay!

We arrive at the theater just in time to get the tickets. Although I hoped for Opera, but they have Ballet performance on that day instead, called “Die Fledermaus”. The standing tickets cost EUR3. Here’s a clip of the show. It started with the main female character flaunting her dress. She has 3 kids and 1 maid with her at home. Then, the husband returns home (from work I guess). But oddly, he ignored his wife and react coldly. So, it seems the husband has got bored with his wife. Hmph!

As the plot thickens, we learn that the husband is indeed a Casanova as he goes out every night to a nightclub and dance with the girls there.
The wife, eventually got into a scandal with her children’s teacher but instead of having an affair, the guy teach her to dress up and brought her to the same club to teach her husband a lesson.

The husband, upon sawing the beautiful woman (who is actually his wife) got all excited and tries to tackle her. There’s a lot of dancing going on between 2 of them and then the show stop for a 15mins break.

It resume with the character dancing somewhere in a compound. Then, zzzzZZZzzzzzz
Yes. I FALL ASLEEP (-_-) ! The show is a bit dragging to me and i just felt tired for the day. Judy saw me sleeping, woke me up and suggested we go back as the show is coming to an end and we do not want to get caught in the crowd leaving the theater. If you are really really interested on the show, please go HERE to read. :P

Here's the hall. Nice isn't it?

This is outside the theater and we need to go down to take the underground metro back to our hostel. Bye Bye Vienna.

Transportation: TBD
Hostel: Near to the train station and have private bathroom. But the kitchen is outside and quite a hassle to go there.
Food: EUR9.50


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