Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You don't have to be a swimmer to be in Venice

It took us ~4hrs to get from Rome to Venice. Once here, we bought a 12hrs validity ferry ticket for EUR16. Yep. Transportation is quite expensive in Venice.

I hate it when Christiano Ronaldo spoil the picture like this. :(

You can go to previous post to see the video on how the ferry looks like. ;) The instant we got on the ferry, and we manage to see Venice up close, i could not stop smiling. This is because Venice reminds me of the comic i used to read since 18years old. ONE PIECE, i was influenced by Aning(my friend from high-school) and got hooked up since then.

There is a chapter on A Water City -Water Seven.
In real life, it could be Venice.

We even have the same expression as the comic character here.
In Malay, we call it Jakun. :P
Jakun at the water ambulance, water taxi, water police, water everything.

Our 1st stop is San Marco. Once there, we were greeted by souvenirs shop.

Piazza San Marco (often known in English as St Mark's Square), is the principal square of Venice, Italy. The Piazza has always been seen as the centre of Venice. It was the location of all the important offices of the Venetian state, and has been the seat of the archbishopric since the 19th century. It was also the focus for many of Venice's festivals. (credit)


A little to the left

The Piazza San Marco is the lowest point in Venice, and as a result during the Acqua Alta the "high water" from storm surges from the Adriatic, or even heavy rain, it is the first to flood.

Hence, as you can see in below picture, the water is rising on that day and they have put up planks as walkway. The cute thing is, they even have police monitoring the traffic on the walkway.

Venice got a lof of nice things to shop as well.
If only it is our last stop, i am sure i will spent more money here.

We stumble into a shop. The owner is a really smart lady.
Smart = Good PR + Marketing Skills.
Quote from the lady "When you are in Italy, you need to buy the finest leather. This is the best and hand made"
Us "Woaa..I don't care, I want this! I want!"
The 3 girls as shown below got good stuffs for themselves and their loved one. I am not really a fan of leather, and i do not have much space in my bag, so, i did not buy anything.
After that, we walk to Rialto Bridge. I was afraid that we will get lost, but they have signs almost every 50m showing the way and also ask around whenever we are confuse on the direction. So, we manage to find it and at the same time walk through the lovely pedestrian walkway.

looks like Rome, right?

Found it! Rialto Bridge!

The main reason we come to Rialto is because the guide says, this is a good place to have our lunch.

The best view

After we ordered, this guy suddenly come and ask " Do you know Abdullah?"
Me thinking to myself "Why is he asking about Pak Lah?"
Waiter : He is very good in reading Quran. Whenever i listen to his cd, i can cry.
Me (ok..not Pak lah) : are a Muslim.
Waiter : Yes. From Morocco. Do you read Quran?
Laili/Aida/Me: Yes.
Waiter suddenly proceed to recite one of the verse and suddenly ask us to continue from him.
It is quite a funny moment as none of us memorize the verse. :P
But, he read it quite well, i was touched by it. :)
Price: ~EUR17
Yup. Quite expensive. But we decided to spent for once on the food.

Somehow, we are so happy having our expensive lunch with the wonderful view.
Once ready, we walk to another jetty to catch the ferry to Murano.

Along the way

The jetty. Behind us is Murano.
We did not manage to snap many photos after that as we are busy shopping!
Murano is a famous for it's glass products, especially vase, earings, necklace and bracelet.
Back from Murano
We got lost a bit on our way to Hard Rock Cafe.
It is actually very nearby, but we missed the tunnel and walk a big round circle to HRC.

Finally, we catch the ferry back to the train station.
We did not spend the night in Venice, but choose and overnight train instead.

Till then, next -- Super Munich!
Transportation: EUR16
Hostel: NA
Food: EUR17


Aning said...

Hoho.. aku pon dah lame tak bace one piece.. dulu rajin gak bace on-line, tp feel lain mcm bace kat comic.. so, I switch back to comic eventhough lmbt sket la.. haha..

next time ko bace la al-fatihah kat pakcik tu..hehe.. >,<

Besides ROME, Venice is MUST GO dalam kamus idup aku ;p dengki~~ dengki~~

Zue said...

tuh la..aku pon tak baca online.. aku akan tunggu mood. bile free jer nanti aku g kedai komik kat Bukit Jambul and buy in bulks all the episode i've missed. haha.

lepas dia baca tu aku cakap "Alhamdulillah"

yup yup... u shud go to these places esp Venice. Aku teringat kat ko masa tu. :P cepat suruh boyot keje rajin2. :P