Monday, February 7, 2011

Jakarta..... recap

  • I strongly recommend Hotel Ibis or any Hotel around this area. It is a really strategic place. Here is my own version of Google Map. :P All of this place is walking distance.
    When booking online, make sure you print everything that was emailed to you. Just like our case, miscommunications happens.


  • If you can, avoid taking flights with arrival at peak time, which is after 4pm, as the traffic is normally bad a.k.a macet.
  • From Airport to our destination, we took Avanza from the SilverBird counter, you can see it before you exit the Arrival Gate. It is at fix rate which is IDR 150k. On the way back, we took Blue Bird taxi which cost IDR 106.6. It really depends on the traffic to determine which options is better. The fix rate is not that expensive anyway. Not to mentioned, it might be quite tricky to get BlueBird taxi upon arrival.


  • Gudeg Jogya, D'cost, Steak Abuba, Natrabu, the foodcourt at Tanah Abang & Thamrin City & many more! All at affordable price.
  • The best Jus Apolkat is the one at Jaya Agung. However, i have to warn you that Jaya Agung is an open eatery. Thus, there will be street performers or beggars. You need to give some money to ensure they move on. However, the more you give, the more will come. ;(


  • USD is not accepted at most money changer, especially not those old serial number or notes that looks old/folded. So, make sure you have IDR. You can also bring extra RM & exchange it incase you overshoot ur budget. ;P
  • Most shops at Tanah Abang/Thamrin City open at 9/10am and close at 4/5pm. If you have the time, go visit both!

Tanah Abang

Thamrin City


  • The departure gate is quite far from check in. So, make sure you go in early as it will be hard to attempt any amazing race here.

I guess that's all.

Will i go to Jakarta for the 3rd time? YES. :P

But before the 3rd visit to Jakarta, i hope to go Bandung. Hihi. After Korea, of course.

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