Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Familiar with Jakarta

Once done freshened up and all, Baim/Aini brought us to Rumah Makan Gudeg Jogya. It's actually just a block away from Aini's house at Bendungan Hilir. ;)

How does it look to you? Appetizing isn't it. How come when i look at it now, it reminds me of Nasi Kandar? hmmmmmmmmm....

Teh Botol Sorso

Aini, Alma & Me!

Paling Nikmat.


After that, we head to Grand Indonesia. And pass by this banner which reminds me of Azleena. ;P Azleena mon --> do spot the clue in this pic. nampak tak?

The carpark at Grand Indonesia. I think Alma is observing and is trying to learn how to do the peace sign. ;P

Grand Indonesia in one word is GRAND. How can it be NOT grand when according to Wiki, it is 6, 900, 000 sq ft! (-_-').

After doing our walkathon in Grand Indonesia, we head to Hotel Ibis Arcadia for check in. There is yet another challenge there. I had actually booked twice for the accomodations. One room for me & iZ, while another separate transaction for Mr & Mrs S. However, i guess Hotel Asia overlooked or maybe got confused on 2 different transactions by the same person, (heck, even CIMB credit card center called me to verify). In the end, the hotel only received one booking.
So, how lah?

A customer got to do what a customer got to do. Fighted for my right. Well, not really fight dush dush like that. Just keep repeating... "I Paid for 2 rooms, so give me 2 rooms" in a polite but firm manner. :P Luckily we had printed the 2 reservations number. Thanks as well to the front desk officer who is willing to find an empty room for us and gave us in anyway while he call Hotel Asia to reconfirm on the next day. So, two thumbs up for Hotel Ibis Arcadia..! :D

Later on, we had dinner at Jaya Agung. Just a walk away from the Hotel.

The superb host! Baim - Alma - Aini. :D

Soto! And the best Jus Apolkat. (pls find it in above picture). heh. :D

Oh yeah....because i've forgotten to set roaming, i've bought the local telco simcard for only 25000RP. I strongly recommend as it really have a good deal, especially on internet surfing. Check it here.


Yasz said...

Wow wee Jakarta! 25000RP will be around MYR25 ke Zue?

Yours truly said...

waaa sy mau jus alpokat!!!!!!!

hehe ok noted on the simcard..hihi cool!

Zue said...

omin..nope. 25k RP is around RM9;P

nasreen. yg paling sedap kat jaya agung ni lah...

zleenz said...

Hehehehe... saya jupe hidden message kt banner tu... ahakss...
rindu kt i ke rindu kt kek tu? :))

Zue said...

rindu kat 2-2. :P