Sunday, January 30, 2011

The best thing to do in Jakarta

The best thing to do is none other than shopping!
To shop, we need energy. To have energy, we need to eat. So, the 2nd best thing to do is eating!

Since we did not take the breakfast package, we decided to have our breakfast at Tanah Abang foodcourt, at the 8th floor. Why is it spelled Tenabang here? hmmm...not really sure..

foodcourt, very well maintained

Yes, this is called breakfast. It's Pecal from Gerai Setan.
sedap wooo...

Next up, is the moment we have been waiting! For me, whenever i travelled, i will have this cheat sheet of currency exchange. I also took a picture and changed it as my hp wallpaper. However, little did i realized that the world has changed. Dayah & Iz actually used "currency converter" from their Ipod Touch. (T_T) I'm so old!

Shopping Telekung

Dari nak beli 1, jadi beli 2, jadi beli 3, jadi beli 4...dan seterusnya

Aini once wrote in her blog how people got curious and interested about her sleepywrap. But now i get to see it before my own eyes. Everynow and then, Aini has to patiently answer interviews on her sleepywrap. :P There is also one funny moments where the salesgirl asked Aini "Kamu fasih Bahasa Indonesia ya?" She has mistakenly thought Aini is from Malaysia too! haha.

Finished shopping around 4pm as it's about to close already. However, it's quite hard to get a taxi as it is already peak hours which is the perfect time for massive traffic jam. The moment we crossed the streets, little kids started to follow us around asking for money. Iz tried to offer them food instead but the boy declined saying he has tooth ache. From there, we knew that these boys could be from a syndicate and did not give in to their plea. As the traffic condition did not seem to get better, we decided to WALK. The best thing is, the kids decided to follow us. Gigih betul. According to Google Map, it is around 24mins walk.. hmmm..i did not realize we walk that far... with bagpack and all.... We made it!

That night, we walk to Natrabu, which is just a block away from our hotel. I am glad they all enjoyed the food and agree that the price is very reasonable.

Pengantin Tak Baru

Belum pengantin.

After that, we walk another block to Plaza Sarinah for some window shopping.

To be continued................

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