Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jakarta 2011

Hello! Yup. I went to Jakarta for the 2nd time. Oh well, i can't resist the temptation to shop there. As usual, everyone can fly with Air Asia & here's the price for 2 people:-
It is not a really promotional fare, but, since we desperately need to go there, so we went on with it anyway. But lo and behold..... just a week before our departure, Air Asia announce a promotion where a return ticket is only half of what we paid.... adoiii laa..... nak wat camno.. sabo je lah.

While searching for the Hotel, my travel mate, Dayah, plan to use the Flight+Hotel package with Air Asia. Most of the time, it offers a quite good deal. However, make sure u do some comparison before really placing a booking. For example, the hotel that we chosed this time, Ibis Arcadia, was offered at a lower price at another website called Hotel Asia. It turned out because the Air Asia deal included breakfast package and it was charge at around RM25 per person. (*_*)
My last tip of the day, if you travel with low cost airline such as Air Asia that charged you baggage fee, then this kind of expandable bag is really a good deal. Thx Kak Ilah for the suggestions, i survived with 14.1kg luggage only on the return flight. Yes!!!!

See how cool it able to expand itself?! This one is Polo Beverly Hills at around RM60(if not mistaken). I am sure there are many brands available... ;)

Ok...that's it a teaser. Summary on Jakarta trip coming up next!

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