Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warming up to Jakarta

At first, I wanted to write just a short entry with bullet points. However, looking back at all the photos, I can’t help but itch to write on the details. Huhu...
First and foremost, let me tell you that we almost miss the flight due to this. (T_T)
At first, i just wanted to buy a perfume, but the sales girls were so nice, answer all our stupid questions and even try the eyeshadow on each of us. We get so engrossed with them that we did not notice the boarding time is 10.20am. It was already 10.30am! Run baby run we did! While at the security checked, our name got announced as the last passenger. (-_-')

I am not sure if she will kill me for putting up this photo. But, cantik per...hihi...

Already blurred it a bit also. :P

Alhamdulillah, we catch the flight. Boleh masuk Amazing Race la camni. :P

Now I realized that I do not have the pictures upon arrival! I guess I was so engrossed with my phone checking why it cannot roam this time vs last time. In the end, I realized that it’s because I changed the line from Prepaid to Postpaid. Dang! I already have 1001 problems after changing to Postpaid that I am so gonna banned Maxis. Long story about that, but not now.

So, we arrived, and head straight to the Bluebird a.k.a Silverbird counter. Baim, my fren from Jakarta has specifically reminded us to only take Bluebird. However, the girl at the counter recommended us to take Avanza for RP150k. So, Iz and I decided to venture out looking for Bluebird taxi. Once we stepped out from the arrival gate, it’s like walking into a lion’s den. (Yes, I am exaggerating). There were actually many guys out there who I believe work in pairs. Like this guy, trying to be friendly with us and wanted to show us the Bluebird taxi. He passed us to another guy who is wearing blue shirt and claimed he is from Bluebird group by showing a tattered blue bird card. No pictures, no names. I was a little suspicious but I followed along anyway. We finally stopped at his, not-bluebird-taxi but Avanza(!) and he quoted us for RP200k. I think the RP50k is for the guy who led us to him. (-_-) . So, we head back to the counter and get the RP150k deal. It is really not a bad deal because it is really important you land on a safe hand once u arrived. While I don’t think the “syndicate” will be kidnapping us, but it’s just that going through the proper channel is more secured and to avoid being conned in term of the payment.

So, we get on our Avanza and head to Baim/Aini’s house. We get a relatively young driver who keeps saying “Sudah punya pacar?”Saya pingin pacar dari Malaysia"Ini mau ke rumah pacar kah?” (-_-‘) Lawak jer.....He used to work as fish monger and changed his profession to a taxi driver due to modalnya habis. Cuteness. Haha.
An hour later, we arrived to Bendungan Hilir or better know as Ben Hil.. Baim opened the door for us and we went it to freshen up and catch us. It was nice to see familiar faces again. :D

To be Continued….


afams-chan said...

Have a nice trip!~

Zue said...

ahaks tulisan semula...kira dah balik la bebeh <3