Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thamrin City

This is Thamrin City. Thanks to Aini for recommending us to visit it. I thought there is only Tanah Abang in Jakarta. ;P Of course, there is also Mangga Dua, but they don't really have as wide variety of Muslimah clothing there. Anyway, i felt that Thamrin City offered cheaper price. And somehow, i can find most of the clothes that i look for here. Probably it's just luck or maybe Tanah Abang is quite crowded with so many levels, that we did not get to see all. Oh well...whatever it is, i am loving Thamrin City. :P
It also have a nice food court. The price range is also cheaper than Tanah Abang.

Our choice

One word. Manissssssssssss.


Posing time.

After that, we went shopping. But, i am so busy shopping that i don't take any pictures. :P
Another plus point for Thamrin City is this restaurant called D'Cost. Aligned with it's name, it is really cost savvy.

Gurame Masak Pedas

Sotong Goreng Tepung.
Maaf. dah makan baru tangkap gambar. :P

Kacang Panjang...
Juga sudah masuk perut.

Juga sudah masuk perut.

The menu.... murah murah....

The proof.
Bukti kelazatan....

The bill for 4 persons.
Murah murah.

Group photo. <3>

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