Friday, February 11, 2011

Part 2 – Camping and Berendam.

Erm. I wonder if anybody took the sungai pic? I am regretting that I don’t take the pic now. ;(

So, once we reached the camp site, we started to unpack and choose our tents. There’s a bit confusion at start on which tent shud be given to gals n guys. =P in the end, gals take the exact opposite tent.

Once settled, we had a quick tea break before we head off for a volleyball match, as what BB zleenz dreamt. The fitnessfirst team vs the nonfitness, and guess what, we lost all the 3 games. Hahahahahaha. Oh well, being fit does not mean u are great at volleyball. =P although, we do have historical moments when Bulat did some cool shots!

Once done with games, off we head to the sungai! It’s a very wide one with strong cool currents. Gals choose the front spot while guys heads off to the back. I think its about 7pm when we came up and took another bath at the shower. It brings back memory of hostel life, mandi kolah! Once prim and proper we head to a pondok cum surau and solat berjemaah with Bulat as imam. Due to a big group, we need to split into two, and the next one is with Johnny as imam.

Before heading off to dinner, we calibrate on the night activity and all agreed to have a game. Ape ntah nama game tu yg org buat aksi lepas tu kita teka apa benda yg digambarkan. Hikhik.
Dinner was ayam masak kurma and sayur kacang panjang. Then, came a few rangers(I think). They brought durian and horror stories. Hahaha. Only half of the group stayed for the stories while the rest heads off to pondok waiting for the game to start.

Sessi game lasted for hrs, we try not too laugh too hard as its already late nite(~10pm). Kuakuakua. The highlighted moments is when the other group wanted to kenakan Johnny by giving him the song entitled “Sexy Notty Bitch”. He tried hard to portray a bitchy character but we only get to guess the Sexy word. =P Around 11pm, me and Melly already sleepy. So off we went to bed while the rest continue the game.

Part 3 – Durian Durian…coming up.

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