Friday, February 11, 2011

Strenuous & Challenging - Gua Tempurung in memory

Its 8.03am Monday morning. the memories is still fresh in my mind. I am missing the moments so much. here's the story.

my Saturday starts as early as 5am. as AjK memasak, i need to prepare sandwich and cekodok. Mak helped me out. i love MAK!! Around 6.30am, all is complete. so, i rushed upstairs to get ready. around 7am, i am out from the house.

at 7.30am, everyone has gathered and off we go. i thot of asking Irfan to drive, but he said he is not ready. ;( cait! then, in the car, he broke the news that he woke up late and thus is feeling a bit blur on everything. haha. apa lah. we made a stop at Juru to pick up Nando and Ruby. then around 8am, off we go! Base on my F1 driving skill (ecewah), we reached Gua Tempurung around 10am. The first impression is some sort similar of Bukit Larut. without hesitation, led by BB fazz, we found our tour guide and heads in.

our guide, zairul, is a bit strange to me. sometimes he talk to himself (complain about something), he got a poker face and also moves like lipas kudung(very impressive). Once we enter, the first thing, we need to do is wade thru water. We all loved it! The water is very cool and clear as well. Let me keep the journey short as pics speak a 1000 words. i dun have the pic yet, but will post it once i have it yeah.

along the way, bb emme and my shoe's tapak started to peel off. haha. (we bought the same shoe just a few days before, its cheap(Rm25) and made of rubber) . lucky, we have bb zleenz who brought rubber band(along with benang, jarum etc-what a preparation). once fix, the shoe is as good as new. =P

before we went, i've heard fiza's stories on the sliding and lubang jamban thing. the sliding sounds horrorful. we need to wait a few metres a way when another group is doing it. we can hear screams, claps and laughter. its a scary wait i tell you. when it is our turn, it does looks scary. people keep telling me its 90degrees turn. but NO it is not. its a bit slanting. our group is matched with a primary school scouts group. and we need to let them go first. so, while helping the kids, i guess my tremor is uplifted little by little. =) and my slide goes well. yeay!
next was lubang jamban. being tall, its actually quite easy for me. YAB rash stayed to grab our legs and ensure our safety. BRAVO YAB rash!

the most impressive and best momemts is when we need to climb the stairs up to the peak. i thank my gym days as i managed to pull myself thru.yeay!the step down have a very magnifcent + awesome + fantastic + fantasyical view. its like walking in a mystic forest in one of the lord of the rings movies. or like walking under the sea passing by a wrecked pirate ship. seriously!!!

the walk out is relaxing. we made a few stops for photos. and lastlyyyyyyyy... before the exit, we stopped at a pool and have our last berendam session.

i think its about 3pm when we walked out. mandi, tukar baju, solat, makan beger, makan jagung and then heads off to our camp.

part 2- to be continue...........................

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