Friday, February 11, 2011

Part 3 – Durian Durian…- FINALE

Woke up at 6am for Subuh berjemaah. Again we split into two groups with the two identified imams. Once done, we head off to pondok only to found that banyak gileeeeeeeer durian luruh malam tadi. Oh, did I forget to mention that our camp is in dusun durian? It’s a bit scary also as takut durian jatuh atas kepala. Tapi Alhamdulillah, none of that happen.

So, here we are at 7am in the morning, makan durian! Never in history of my life. But BB zleenz was sure happy as can be for she is the Queen of the King of fruits. =P

Lepas makan durian, sessi seterusnya ialah makan bihun dan cok keria. The hospitality showed by Atok and family warmed our heart. Esp the 3 kids, amin, ayap and ayi. So cute, chubby and good kids, although hyperactive of coz.

Lepas makan bihun, lepak2 jap…then apa lagiiii…..mandi sungaiiiiiiiii! This time around, the guys showed us their secret spot and findings. It turns out; their sport is waaay great as got pasir2, so tak le sakit kaki… then, ada satu kayu ni..bila kita bergayut and let ourself loose with the current, wahhhh…the feeling is so awesome! Best best. lepas tu main splash2 air…and tuju batu kat kayu. Best betul rasa cam budak2.

Then, mandi, lepak2 jap, packing, makan nasi n lauk gulai, and off we go after bersalam2 dgn Atok and family. The next stop is Taiping rumah kak ilah. Once we enter Taiping, it brings back memory of Trip Taiping. Hmmm…really nostalgic. I think Taiping is going to be on of the place in my heart. Its really a calm and serene city. Macam biasa, hujan turun dgn lebatnye di Taiping. Dan, sajian dirumah kak ilah ialah pulut dan durian! Dan mencatat sejarah sebagai hari paling banyak makan durian dalam hidupku. 2 times tambah pulut and countless biji durian, we are done. Sambil lepak2, kami main dgn udang peliharaan family kak ilah. Sorry yeah. Me too bz forget to take pics. Dalam kul 4.30pm, we depart off.

Dan kenangan ini akan terus terpahat disanubariku. =)

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