Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 1 Korea - Departure & Arrival

We chosed Air Asia for this trip. So far, i have not get any bad experience with Air Asia, hence, i continue to stick with it. Probably i need to survey for other airline next time as a few people have been telling me there are also other airline which is not from Malaysia and offer quite cheap tickets. We tried the online check in which led us to some confusion. We thought that it would be just easy breezy to drop our bag but, we were asked to go from one counter to another and in the end we still need to queue for check in. Apa la Air Asia ni... :S Other than that.... everything went fine.

One good news is that the flight was not full. So, once departed, we started to choose our own seats. Laili..... as u can see....really knows how to make herself feel at home. :P

We travelled during daytime. So, i did not sleep at all. Studied the info that Nasreen help to dig out and also watched 2 movies from my netbook. A little different from the other trips, this time around we did not do much planning but just relied on other people's itenaries. Most of us were busy towards the trip.

Food was OK lah.

Gossip time!! It was really good "catching up" secara live. :P

Reach Korea safely. Yeah!

Need to take the shuttle.

Passed the immigration! No hassle at all.

One important note. Phone without 3G can't function in Korea.

So, Laili had to rent a phone for 3000won per day.

Then, we head to the Transporatation Center, B1 Floor to take Arex, the Airport Rail Road.

The best thing is, one of the stop is the one right at our hostel location, Hongik University.

Thanks to Laili for choosing such a good location.


We ride the train, happily, ready to start our adventure.

The only way to take a picture of everybody. (^_^)

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