Sunday, May 8, 2011

Korea Budget

Here is the rough estimation on the budget:-

Rough is because i did not jot down the expense, so, it is my high level estimation base on memory. :P Help needed from my travel buddy to validate if anything i miss or if you find anything fishy over here. haha. Anyway, most of the budget come from food. We can't really help it as we are coffee addict and 1 cup of coffee cost at least 3000won. If you really want to save cost from the food, then bring your own meggi/nescafe/sardin. We did bring those stuff... however, what's a travel without tasting the local food? :)

I believe our budget is still considered low.... that is because most of the place we go is those with free access. We do not go to places such as Lotte World, 63 building, Han River cruise which might cost more. Well, whatever it is, it depend on your choice and travel plan. As once you defined the type of holiday/travel that you want to make, there is really no right or wrong in your budget expenditure. :)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


mamaeesya said...

wahhhhh.. menarik... tu tiket airasia masa promo ke? ke masa promo boleh dpt murah lagi? hiksss... bila laa nak sampai korea nih...

Zue said...

ha ah..masa tu promo.tapi leh dpt lagi promo sbb ada org naik flight sekali dpt dlm rm850 je..pegi masa musim bunga paling best rasanya... awal april..time kitoang g dah nak dekat ending... :)

azri said...

uuu...drooling la tengok pics food semua tu..