Monday, May 16, 2011

Korea Accomodation

Booking was done through HostelBookers. Initially , we wanted to book Namsan Guest House. But then, it is fully booked. Panic striken, we search a few other options and a few of them also replied saying there are no more rooms left. Finally, we managed to secure Hong Guesthouse. Phew~~ A tip for looking for hostel besides the transportation factor, choose the one that is not on an uphill or with stairs! Like you need to climb 2,3 floor to reach your room. Imagine walking the whole day and coming back all tired with blisters on your feet and yet you need to climb up to reach you room! (T_T) . Gladly, Hong Guesthouse is not like that. :D

This is how easy it is to get to Hongik University station - direct from Incheon International Airport.

Here's the direction from Hongik Univ station to the hostel. (^_^). If you decide to stay there...not to worry, they will email you the direction. ;)

At 7-11, we made a stop to buy instant rice. The cost is around 2000 -3000 KRW.
And here is the view from the 7-11 where we need to cross the street for direction#5. At first, i was a bit worried knowing that we will reach there at night. So, i emailed the guesthouse and they said it is pretty safe in Korea. So, it is. :)

After crossing the road, we just need to walk straight until we reach the next 7-11, then turn right and we are! As we walk in, we were greeted NOT by a Korean, but by an American. (-_-") Josh checked us in & showed us around the hostel.

We had the family room which had 1 double decker bed and 1 queen size bed.

hehehe.... here's a bigger picture of the room. :P

Suddenly, someone knocked on our door. To our surprise, there are 2 ladies outside and they asked "kamu orang malaysiakah?" . Cool! There are 2 other Malaysians staying at the guesthouse, Gloria and Elaine. Super sweet & nice people. Then, we head downstairs to cook our instant rice with sardine. :P

Living room for hang out, meeting other travellers, and free usage of internet.

There is also a supermarket nearby where you can get fresh fruits such as this super big , juicy , fresh and sweet strawberry. Nyummeh!

Thanks so much for the great hospitality, Smith(left) , Josh(right) and Charlie(taking the picture) (^_^)v


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