Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3 - Insadong

Insadong resonates with antique/artwork item. Antique/artwork item resonates with expensive. :P But fret not, we found a good shop in Insadong which will be shared at the end of the post. Well, i guess, in Korea, you should not expect to shop so much as the standard of living and currency value is way higher than Malaysia. At least, for backpackers like us. :) That aside, i would say Insadong is really a nice place to visit. Well, you can't buy, but you will for sure enjoy looking.


The streets/shops of Insadong

Entrance to the mall

Nothing interesting to buy tho....

Aha! this is the uncle. His shop is directly opposite the mall's entrance.

He has been to Malaysia and he gives good discount. That is really important as most of the shop won't entertain customers who bargain.

Peace ya all!

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