Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3 - Sindang Dong Topukki Town

From Namsan Tower, we took the bus back to the nearest metro station. There is one funny moment here as we missed the stop. Somehow the metro station that we wanted to go is not in the route. Although the bus driver said he will go there. In the end, we need to take the bus twice! Miscommunications i guess. ;P

Our next destination is Sindang. (Exit 8) Nasreen read through the forums that there is a dish called Topukki and it's only made from vege, fish cakes and noodles. There's a lot of shop there. In the forum, it's not really stated what is the name of the restaurant. So, we walk around as every shop try to lure us in. In the end, we stopped at this shop. Probably because the owner is a woman who like a nice umma. :P

At first, it is quite hard to communicate with the owner. We wanted to tell her no meat. But we do not know how. Then i saw a picture of a cow on the wall. So, i pointed it to her and gesture my hand saying No. She smile and nodd. Later she ask her daughter(i believe) to double confirm with us as she can speak English. :D

Like mama preparing dish for daughter right?

Nasreen look so happy that her wish is finally coming true.

Takde la kempunan balik Mesia.

So, do visit Topukki Town at Sindang to taste it. I am not sure which is the best restaurant there. You can google up on them so that you don't appear as lost as us when u get there. :D

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